About me

I am Alba, I will be 33 in August and I am Italian. I grew up as an only child in the countryside of a tiny village near the sea called Bibbona, where everyone knows each other and the life is simple.

I graduated in foreign languages and history of art from Pisa's University but I never managed to find a good job while I was in Italy so I started working in retail.

I moved to London 3 years and a half ago to build a new life in the big city and to escape from what I though was a boring life. I am still working in retail management in central London, as fashion and working with people are one of my biggest passions.

I live in East London with my boyfriend Nicky, a Romanian 3D artist and a wannabe writer (he is about to publish his first fantasy book).

In my spare time, along with writing amazing blog posts, I like to read and to discover new exciting movie series on Netflix.

Last year I decided to start this blog to improve my written English and also to "talk about" what matters to me such as styling, lifestyle and food from my very own point of view and perspective.

That's why my blog is different: you won't find super fancy clothes, difficult and long recipes and a luxury lifestyle. I am always busy, my life is quick, my salary is below average and I often come back from work late so I don't have time for that.

If you'll follow me, you will find yummy, fit recipes that will be easy to prepare and usually ready under 30 minutes.

If you'll also find frugal lifestyle advices, minimalist and sustainable tips and tricks that made my life easier and I would like to share with you.

I am not a stylist, but I have been working in retail and in the fashion industry for 10 years now and I have been learning loads of smart and affordable styling tips to be cool and on point without going broke.

I am a huge fan of pre-owned and vintage items of all sorts as I am trying my best to be more sustainable on the environment and to spend money more sensibly, only for things I really love and need.

I would love to engage with all of you, so please feel free to comment or write me what you think about my articles and the topics I am dealing with on my email and I will get back to you ASAP.

Enjoy! :)