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How to stay fit when missing a workout

Updated: Jun 9

The main reasons we skip a workout are:

1) Lack of time (something came up at the last minute, too much work to do, weird working hours...)

2) Lack of energy (not eaten enough, sickness, tired after work...)

I'm working full time at the moment so I do understand the challenge of have and keep a regular routine.

That's what I try to do when I can't have a proper workout.

1) Start the morning with 5 minutes stretching. Simplicity is key: I don't know you guys, but I really struggle to do that when I wake up, so just take it easy and do what you feel like. There are cool youtube yoga for beginners or you can do a normal post workout stretching. You will start the day much more relaxed, I promise you!

2) When I'm in a rush I tend choose just one part of my body and do specific exercises for at least 15 minutes (I focus mainly on core or lower body). I usually try to change exercise all the time.

3) When I can't workout for a while I try to squeeze mine sessions in my daily routine:

- 10 squats before going to the loo

- 10 front lunges per side while I am reheating my lunch in the microwave

- 10 side lunges per side before having a shower

- 20 seconds front plank, 20 second side plank before going to bed.

4)When I am waiting (whatever the reason is: for the traffic light or I when I am standing behind the till at work) I always do the vacuum for 20 seconds. That helps to tone my abdomen muscles and anyone can tell that I am still exercising!

5) I live in London and I don't have a car so I always walk when the distance is reasonable and the weather allows it. It make me save more money and tone my legs more than anything else!

I hope you enjoyed my first post!

Have a nice day all,

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