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My summer capsule wardrobe

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

As a genuine Italian, summer is obviously my favourite season! I love playing with colours that don't suit me when I am pale in the winter and to wear lighter fabric with sexier cuts. I usually keep it quite simple and minimalistic though. I am a fan of a capsule wardrobe, mainly because living in London I don't have much space. I prefer neutral shades but I don't mind a splash of colour, especially with the accessories.

My staples pieces for everyday are: jeans, basic t-shirts, skirts of all kind and a few dresses. The t-shirt has to be 100% cotton (better if organic) and I normally prefer a crew neck. Speaking about colours, my palette is pretty basic: striped navy-white, plain white, plain black and leopard print. That is a winning, mistake proof colour scheme for my taste. The only crazy one is striped white, bright green and hot pink t-shirt from Oliver Bonas with written at the front: "LIVE A LITTLE'. But apart from it, I am not keen on bold prints and patterns for the top.

What about the bottom? Being a denim addict, I couldn't live without jeans but in the hot months I would rather choose a white pair or shorts and mini skirts. Linen trousers are also a nice option for the heatwave days (if you don't mind ironing though as this natural fibre is prone to crease as soon as you wear it...)

Skirts are an amazing alternative to trousers. This summer it was my favourite item to play with: I bought them in several colours, cuts and lengths and I really enjoyed experimenting with my outfit.

I bought a few unusual dresses for me this summer: a printed red one, a boho buffet dress in a lovely rust colour and an ruffle embroidered white one, all from Oliver Bonas. They are a bit extra for me in terms of style but I ended up wearing them a lot and I am very pleased that I went out of my comfort zone for once.

In London the weather could be quite unpredictable so I tend to keep a few cotton cardigans or jumpers and lightweight blazers on hand just in case of a sudden drop in temperature and the (not so) occasional rainy day.

Shoeswise, super comfy trainers and sandals are my way to go. I don't usually wear heels since I am quite tall but the main reason is that working in retail it can be very physically demanding for my feet (sometimes my job requires to stand for 9 hours a day). I might wear them for special occasions when I am sure I won't to walk a lot.

White trainers are a must have all year around and this summer I literally used them to death. I require a bit of support so super flat sandals are not for me. I bought a metallic strap platform pair and a khaki padded crossover pair from OB at the beginning of the season and I couldn't be happier about them: they combine aesthetic and comfort in the best way possible!

How do I elevate my outfit then?

I invest in accessories!

Sunglasses for first, they are the coolest way to protect you eyes while adding a mysterious touch (best of all: they hide your chronic lack of sleep).

Jewellery is the accessory I have been spending more money on lately. I am a gold person, especially when I am tanned, but I like to try new styles all the time. I have recently purchased some rose gold pieces of jewellery from different brands and I must admit it has grown on me! It can really make the plainest look sophisticated and chic. I stay away from the chunky, bright costume jewellery as I think it doesn't suit me much. My face is quite small and I prefer classic, delicate pieces in either silver or gold also because they are more durable.

Bags are of course another crucial item. I don't have a massive collection and I am actually trying to invest more money to buy a designer timeless one that will last me for years. The trend for this summer is for sure the basket bag and I absolutely love it! But instead of buying the super popular big high street version, I opted for a vintage straw and bamboo clutch. It's perfect with a white embroidered dress and white sandals for the holidays! On a daily basis I still prefer the practicality of my leather crossbody having lost at least 3 oyster cards and once even my credit card on the tube, I really need a sturdy, handy bag that can carry all my crap around and that I can fully close.

Hats, hair clips, hairbands are another huge trend of the season but unfortunately it doesn't work for me: I am just ridiculous with all of them in an equal way.

Hairstyles? I just feel myself with a natural look in every season. Straighteners and blow dry will ruin my thin, sensitive hair. I just let them dry in the air, sometimes in a lose braid so I will achieve soft, beachy waves. A loose bun or again a braid will be also a nice way to style them without damaging them when they are not super clean or when it's too hot.

I won't change much in my make up routine: eyeliner and mascara will always be my signature. When tanned my skin doesn't need the coverage it would normally need in winter so I get rid of my foundation and I replace it with a tinted primer plus a bronze powder. I keep the highlighter to the minimum and in a subtle shade: a little bit on my cheeks and on my nose will be enough for me. I am more adventurous with lipsticks: I dare hot pinks, corals and reds that give me an effortless but more put together look. Nail polish is again something I struggle with: I love it when I see it on the others but I am not a patient person. It takes too much time when you are doing it on your own and it doesn't last long even when I am going for a manicure because I use my hands a lot therefore I would occasionally apply a layer of transparent coat (and it's already a big effort for me).