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What I am buying in the sale

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

As all women on earth, I am a big fan of sale. Just the thought of it made me more excited than a hot cup of coffee...I usually tend not to surrender to the impulse shopping merely because something is cheap. I'm trying ( not always successfully though...)to have a cool mind and purchase only what I need (and I have the space for...). In terms of availability, having a rather classical, minimalistic and not super trend orientated look it's easy to find perfect staples to rock later on.

The best thing to buy in the sale are JEANS. They seldom go out of fashion and I usually find my size pretty well being in between an 8 and a 10. This time I opted for a pair of mum jeans in a dark blue wash from Mango. I was quite adventurous with this choice as I have always been a skinny cut kind of person, but I ordered them online and I have to admit that the first impact was not good. They visually add me some extra weight on and they make my body shape a little bit more "square" than it is. It's the man repeller kind of jean but honestly...the comfort of the high raise is unbeatable. I then decided to keep them. For a smarter look I would wear a silk shirt on top and a pair of nice block heel boots to be suitable for work. Bonus: they are perfect when I have my period and I would only wear my M&S giaenormous grandma panties!

Shoes are a bit trickier because often I can't find my number in the reduced sections as it is a very common one (6uk). I was looking for a pair of boots and I found some leather snake print ankle ones from Oliver Bonas for 45 quids. Exactly what will elevate my normally pretty simple look!

The best bargain was for sure JEWELLERY: I found some amazing pieces for a fraction of the cost.

Missoma did back in July some generous discounts on selected items and I picked from their rose gold pleated alphabet range the "A" necklace. I paired it with a pair of mystic ball charm hoops again in the rose gold from a brand that I only recently discovered (and I am already obsessed with...) which is Astrid and Miyu.

From Oliver Bonas I managed to find a super cute set of bracelets, necklace and earrings for a ridiculous price!

Needless to say, Oliver Bonas has been my favourite shop lately: up to 70% on everything last week! I have treated myself with some face masks, jewellery and I bought some nice little presents for my boyfriend: a cook book (my asian kitchen by Jennifer Joyce) and a teapot. He loved them, being obsessed by everything remotely asian.

Currently this is all I was able to grab... but stay tuned because I am planning to do some more financial damage till the end of the sale!