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My whist list for the next autumn winter

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Let's face it: here in the UK summer is already almost over. Period. It's indeed very sad but instead of crying watching our holiday pictures and praying the gods for another heatwave I think our time is better invested looking for the next key fashion pieces for autumn, which happens to be my second favourite season! I would like to update my everyday classics and maybe replace something that I don't wear anymore with a better quality alternative.

Blazer: one of my favourite ways to layer in every single season! I am currently tempted by these H&M ones for the transitional weather as the fabric is from human made fibres therefore not the greatest composition, but for the winter I'd rather invest in a wool one (being always and constantly cold).

Cashmere: under no circumstances I would wear a polyester jumper in the winter. It doesn't warm you up, it doesn't wash well and it's not good for the environment. Wool jumpers can be really itchy and often they are as expensive as cashmere so I don't mind splurging my money for some luxury knitwear. Essentially when the temperature goes below 15 degrees for me is already time for the soft hug of a cashmere jumper/cardi. My favourite brand to buy it, is with no doubt Pure Collection. They always have generous promotions available if you sign in on the website and the quality is quite good. Yes, their cashmere will bubble at the beginning but with the specific comb and some cashmere wash after a few wear the fabric will actually get better. Another good alternative is Mark and Spencer, their cashmere basics are durable and relatively cheap compared to other stores. This autumn I am super happy of the colour range proposed: I absolutely adore cognac, rusty brown, mustard, khaki, camel and every warm shade of the new collections.

Boots: I desperately need a pair of black ones. My favourite pair on the list so far is from Oliver Bonas: they look super comfy and I am really keen on the moc-croc detail at the back. I would wear them with my mum jeans, a basic t-shirt and a blazer for an effortless chic look. I also pair them with a few dresses that I already have in my wardrobe instead of my trainers when the weather gets colder and wet. Real leather is always my way to go in terms of shoes. Everything else is nice at the first try but if you like me usually spend the day on your feet, they will be much more swollen and smelly at the end of the day. Quality over quantity is my motto.

I know we are no longer supposed to match shoes and bags but look at this bag and tell me you wouldn't wear it to death with the boots above? Just the right size for me! I love the design of big bags but I can't help myself: I put too much crap inside and then they are too heavy to carry. Crossbodys are the perfect to avoid shoulder pain at the end of the day (I know... I am old) and at the same time having the essentials (keys, card holder, phone, lipstick and handkerchief) with you.

My list is far from being over but for the moment I will restrain myself to share more...I am still waiting to check properly all the new collections (Sezane is about to lauch theirs!!!) and to do my wardrobe switch over to be absolutely sure of what I need.