10 items you shouldn't be buying this autumn

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Today I will do the exact opposite of what a normal fashion blogger would and I will encourage you NOT to buy the items listed below.

Let's call this the anti-haul.

What's an anti-haul?

It is a list of trendy items that a blogger/influencer/YouTubes won't buy and it is meant to discourage excess consumerism.

One of them is Jenny Mustard, a Swedish YouTuber that I really admire, not only for her sense of style but mainly for her unapologetic ethic.

Find out more about this type of review here:

YouTubers Fight Consumerism With Anti-Hauls

What's the reason behind my choice of doing this anti-haul myself?

The product listed below are all short-lived trends that will make you feel unsatisfied within months (if not even weeks) and many of them are also deeply unflattering if you ask me.

Therefore, I am opting out and so should you if you would like to achieve a classic and timeless look.

This is also a good piece of advice if you are, like me, trying to stay away from impulse buying and shopping fast fashion in general because of environmental issues and to pursue a more minimalistic life.

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~Cropped blazer

You know by now I much I love a good blazer, but how are you supposed to wear the cropped version? Very impractical and definitely not as chic as the classic fit.

Better alternative: try a cropped cardigan instead or go vintage.

~Square toes shoes

Frankly, I think this one is borderline ridiculous. Even the slenderest model looks like a clumsy duck wearing this shape of the shoe. I honestly do not understand the need for designers to make us all look like clowns.

Better alternative: anything is better than that.

I would opt for a classic shape that will be always appropriate and that will last for years and years to come such as the one below. It is a stylish but timeless option so you won't feel like you are wearing dull granny shoes.

~Metallics & holographic

Despite my love for the 80s, I will pass on this one too.

I must admit that it is a recurrent trend, but a trend still. I could wear silver or gold sparingly as they would work pretty much with everything in my wardrobe but not other metallic shades and certainly not holographic, which looks very cheap.

The reality is that these hues are so eye-catching that any metallic item will get old after a few wears in my opinion.

Better alternative: invest in one accessory that will work easily with what you have but keep it discreet.

A pair of light gold ballerina flats like the ones below are a chic option that you can easily wear with denim and dresses both in autumn and spring.

~Balloon sleeves tops and dresses

The huge trend of the past summer, it will be hot during the winter too.

I don't mind it per se, I think it looks cute and feminine when not too voluminous. It is not my cup of tea as it makes my shoulders look bigger and I already have broad shoulders.

On top of it, I think it is more suitable for warm weather. I found it tricky to wear something appropriate on top of an exaggerated puffy sleeve top or dress in the autumn. If you wear a blazer or a cardigan on, it feels quite uncomfortable to have so much material on the sleeve area, not to mention that it will leave it all creased and misshapen when you take it off.

Better alternative: Try to stick on jumpers with a more moderate sleeve proportion so that it won't be too difficult to style.


It used to be a hot trend when I was in high school too and I remember buying a cool tan western-looking hobo bag that year, only to hate it the next.

This season's vibe is more about the roaring 20s which makes it more appealing, but certainly not something that will last.

Better alternative: Chain details are fashionable now and they will always be.

~ Statement collars

Statement collars are super popular at the moment but I don't think the trend will have a long life. It looks a bit childish anyway, maybe because my mum used to force me to wear cord jumpsuits with hideous collared shirts underneath when I was a kid so I don't think it is "so fresh and stylish" like the world is currently stating.

Better alternative: classic collar with a romantic twist

~Super chunky shoes

Why on earth would we want to make our feet look bigger? Not as repellent as the square toe but still the clown effect is round the corner when the soles are so exaggerated, no matter how skinny your legs are.

And they must be very heavy too: surely not a healthy pair of shoes.

Better alternative: if you need more support on the heels or you are all about that grunge vibe, opt for a classic but bold lace-up and/or Chelsea boot.

Stylish and timeless.

~Bold skirt-suits

Suits are the work attire par excellence however, with the combo skirt + bright hues that are cool right now, the risk of quickly growing tired of it is pretty high. I am not a huge fan of skirt-suits in general (I am a trouser kind of gal) and bold colours are very tricky in my opinion as they don't suit many people in winter, so for sure I am going to skip on this one too.

Better alternative: break down the trend and choose which is the vibe you prefer: either the skirt suit or the colour factor. It will be easier to style: a classic skirt suit will last you forever while a colourful suit can be toned down with neutral accessories without having too much going on.


It makes me think of my old and ugly bleach-stained loungewear that I would wear only when deep cleaning the house so I don't find them cool at all.

Tie-dye anything, no matter how expensive, looks sloppy and unkempt: I would never leave the house wearing it.

Better alternative: A matching loungewear set in a neutral shade. You can easily use both of them in your daily outfits like so: the sweatshirt with denim and even tailored trousers + sneakers for a modern look while the joggers will be cool paired with a T-shirt and your black oversized blazer.

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