15 timeless pieces to invest in for Autumn/Winter

Ciao, welcome back to my blog!

In today's post, I will share with you 15 timeless fashion pieces to invest in for Autumn/Winter.

Whatever your personal style is, the items I am going to list are true investment clothing pieces that will blend in your wardrobe without effort.

This is a good guideline if you are considering decluttering and you don't know what to keep. It could also be a starting point to build your personal style for the colder months and to check if you actually need anything to add.

If you want to know more about how to create a curate clothes collection, check this post: how to find your own personal style and build the perfect capsule wardrobe for you,

Below you'll find what MY key pieces are but I am sure that most of you will agree with me that these are multifunctional practical items that will be amazing investments.

You will notice that they will all pair with each other perfectly and that is crucial to achieving a cohesive look.

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Dainty jewellery

Jewellery is like perfumes: it is super personal.

The colour theory is helping us to choose the right metal for the right skin tone.

Gold is suitable for warm tones and silver is ideal for cold tones and rose gold is great for neutrals.

Colourful gems, complicated types of chains and so on are cute when they are on trend but they will go out of fashion eventually.

Make sure to invest in a cute set of plain, basic earrings + necklace + bracelet + ring in your favourite metal. They are going to last forever and they will be perfectly paired with all your current and future outfits. Timeless jewellery pieces are really worth the investment because they instantly elevate your look.

Timeless pieces of jewellery in gold plated:

Classic Higgie Hoops - Maison Miru

Curb necklace - Mejuri

Flat curb bracelet - Mejuri

Twist ring - Mejuri

Sterling silver timeless jewellery pieces:

Deco Crystal studs - Maison Miru

Silver mini Molten necklace - Missoma

Silver Molten ring

Silver round engravable bracelet - Missoma

White trainers

Decades passed but the classic white trainer is more than ever present in fashion. The reason is that they simply are the most versatile shoe for transitional weather.

Make sure to find the comfiest pair possible and you'll never regret this purchase.

I prefer leather over fabric as it is easier to clean and it would be better when raining.

Cool outfit ideas:

Leather jacket + midi dress + white trainers

Cardigan + shirt + tailored trousers + white trainers

Blazer + t-shirt + jeans + white trainers

Jumper + skirt + white trainers

Veja campo

Medium size handbag

A classic Chanel would be a perfect choice but it is not within everyone's budget (certainly not for me) but it embodies how a nice but practical bag should be:

  • genuine or vegan leather

  • rather spacious but not huge

  • neat shape

  • suitable for every occasion

Toni resin chain strep black bag - Oliver Bonas

Black pump

I am not a fan of heels but having a pair of comfy heels is the quickest way to elevate the most basic outfit when needed.

Think about a simple white T and a pair of jeans: with the addition of a black pump they instantly look smarter.

Clara heels - Boden

Waterproof winter boots

Imperative item to keep your feet nice and toasty all winter long. Hiking boots or combat boots are the best casual choice for when it's freezing outside so don't skimp on quality for those.

If your feet are not comfortable and warm then the rest of your body will be cold too, no matter how many layers you are wearing on top.

Thermal socks are ok too but to be honest I don't usually wear them because if the quality of your boots is good you just don't need them.

Timberland Juniors 6-inch premium waterproof boots

Basic tops for layering:

A couple of nice quality basic tops in neutral colours that suit your skin tone to wear under jumpers and cardigan for extra warmth. Like all classic clothing pieces, quality over quantity is the rule to follow here, especially because they come in direct contact with your skin everyday for long time.

In my opinion, they are absolute must-haves that everyone should have in 3 versions:

  • long-sleeved

  • short sleeve

  • vest

The best high-quality basics are from Organic basics.

Neutral coat:

Classic coats are the timeless items that every woman should have ion their wardrobe to make an outfit smart and polished.

Despite the common misconception, black is not as versatile as you might think as it can be too harsh against the pale winter skin for the majority of people.

Better investing in a neutral shade such as camel or grey to be sure of making the most out of it.

Usually, warm skin undertones look great in camel but sometimes it can be a challenging colour for cool skin undertones. The secret is to opt for a cold or lighter shade of beige instead of a rich, orangey kind of camel.

Otherwise grey will also be extremely versatile.

You will see that it will make a huge difference in your wardrobe and you'll be shocked by how many times you'll wear it.

Oversized belted wool coat - And other stories

Oversized wool-mix coat in dark grey - COS

Button-down shirt:

A crisp white shirt in silk or cotton will be one of your most-worn tops all year round and, needless to say, it will be perfect for every occasion simply because it is easy to layer. Surely they are a must-have to achieve timeless elegance effortlessly.

Find the right white for your skin tone and you'll see the magic.

Another great colour is pale blue or the Oxford version.

For autumn it will be great with a blazer or a leather jacket on, but when the temperatures drop, you can wear it with a t-shirt or a thermal underneath, your favourite cashmere jumper/cardigan over it to feel chic but warm.

Oversized poplin white shirt - Arket

LBD dress:

Audrey Hepburn rules when it comes to timeless fashion!

Her LBD became legendary.

Make sure to choose a flattering cut for your body shape and then whenever you are indecisive on what to wear, you'll have the answer right in front of you!

This will be especially true for people like me that dress mainly in a casual way and then when an event or a special occasion pops up, panic!

With the right accessories, it can be styled infinite times and it will always look appropriate.

Wear it with a pair of chunky boots or trainers and a boxy coat to dress it down for a casual date or a pair of heels and a clutch to dress it up.

Linen blend dress in black - Arket

Plain suit:

It is a good idea to invest in a well made, plain suit that has the right proportions for your body shape to have both the blazer and the trousers of the same colour and fabric.

This is not a negligible detail as, under direct light, the difference between fabric and shade is immediately visible and it always looks cheap, especially when it's black.

It doesn't matter if you are not planning to wear them together, one day you might want to because a well-made suit is a true lifesaver when you don't know what to wear (think about job interviews, weddings, events and so on), or if you are trying to build a minimalist wardrobe where everything must be interchangeable.

The trousers will be great with most of your knitwear while the blazer will look amazing with a pair of jeans and T-shirts or your favourite dress and a pair of white trainers.

Satin black suit - Jigsaw

Leather jacket:

Must have outerwear to add an edgy vibe to your transitional pieces and it is perfect for the autumn.

It can be thrown on basically everything you own as the texture of the material will add interest to your look.

Here some examples:

Leather jacket + LBD + white trainers

Leather jacket + Hoodie + jeans + boots

Leather jacket + white shirt + tailored trousers from the suit + Black pumps

M&Co black leather jacket - Next

Classic denim:

What is more indispensable than a pair of classic wash, straight leg jeans?

Remember that flare, boyfriend and skinny cuts are cool but they might go in and out of fashion while this classic cut will always be actual (and the most comfortable).

Ankle-length straight-fit jeans - Mango

Puffer jacket:

It is not the most flattering item as it adds volume but in my opinion, it is a vital piece of outerwear against the cold and the bad weather.

Either short or long, it will keep you warm and dry no matter what and if you choose one with a detachable hoodie, even better.

I would opt for a dark shade and I would make sure it to be machine washable.

I am all about practicality these days!

Oversized padded parka - Arket

Trench coat

A vintage Burberry trench will always be a timeless investment, and now you can definitely find a good bargain online or in charity stores. If pre-owned is not flying your boat, just have a look online and you will see that a simple beige alternative is an option that you can basically find everywhere.

My advice is to stick to the classic shape and again, the best colours are neutral (navy, black, beige, khaki) to be worn whenever you need to without thinking about it twice. The length is actually up to you, I do have a short one that is very practical but the longer version is by far one of my most worn autumnal jackets.