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18 minimalist fashion must have for summer

Ciao, welcome back to my blog!

Today's post will be about the perfect minimalistic capsule wardrobe for the warmer months, more precisely the 18 summer pieces you really need to own in your life, that will last forever and will never go out of fashion.

This is a good starting point if you are thinking of reducing your clothes and you don't know what to keep or to invest on next but it can also be a guide line to pack for holidays (yes, finally we can go to the beach!!!!)

These are the items I believe are absolutely necessary for being comfortable, practical and chic all summer long.

Colours are very important when you are trying to achieve cohesiveness in your wardrobe, so my advice is to chose neutral hues for all the basics and then if you are really into colour, just add some printed items and a few bright accessories.

White trainers:

A good pair of fabric Supergas, Converse or Vans is an amazing choice to be comfortable and stylish at the same time with you summer trousers and dresses. They can dress down the smartest dress for a edgy and modern look.

Tan leather tote bag:

A good investment piece for every season but somehow I find it especially suitable when paired with lightweight fabric such as cotton and linen in neutral shades.

A large shopping bag in a classic tan leather will last forever, it is spacious and ideal for everyday life.

Classic black sunglasses:

The sun is at its brightest in the summer months and a good pair of sunnies is exactly what you need protect your eyes and to avoid wrinkles. Take your time to find the right shape for your face but my advice is to stick to the classics: you won't regret it.

The best way to save money and get a timeless piece is to go for pre-owned, especially if you need prescription lenses. Buy the frame second hand and then order the right prescription for you from your local optician.

White T:

The absolute king of the summer wardrobe as it is a no brainer. Just make sure to choose the right colour for your skin tone: off-white or cream for warm (yellow undertones such as Spring and Autumn), optic white for cold (pink undertones such as Winter and Summer).

Since it is my most worn top and therefore my most washed item, I would invest a bit more money on it to make sure it is a high quality cotton that will pass the test of time.

Neutral colour tank top:

A vest is an underestimate item, usually worn only around the house and sometimes looked with fear from those who don't have perfect arms. It can be worn alone but is such a good piece to layer every style: it can be edgy with a leather jacket and jeans, chic with a linen blazer or a shirt and a midi skirt.

Basket bag:

I have never seen a summer without it being a best seller in shops. It is going to stay THE bag from May to September no matter what. Bonus: it is cheap and spacious!

White linen button down:

It is the summer swap for the classic crisp white shirt that is such a fundamental item in autumn/winter. Great as a chic cover up for the beach, it will be a staple to look always on point if paired with the blazer and a midi skirt or a fluid pair of trousers.

Cotton white dress:

It is a cute piece to invest on making sure to choose the right kind of lightweight but not too see through fabric. It will never go out of fashion and it will keep you nice and fresh while looking feminine and put together. I would personally choose the classic shirt dress as it will be in your wardrobe for years and years to come.

Easy ways of styling it:

  • leather jacket and boots

  • with a pair of jeans and cool sandals

  • straw bag or basket bag and sandals

  • blazer and a pair of heels

  • denim jacket and trainers

Lightweight cotton or linen blazer in a neutral hue:

Great piece for the office or for events such as weddings and so on. It will elevate whatever you wear as a bottom and the neutral colour will go with everything you own already, including crazy print dresses.

Black leather jacket:

For cooler evenings or rainy days, it's the only kind of outwear I always keep in my wardrobe just in case, and to be honest, I have always used it sooner or later. Bonus: it will save you the process of putting it into storage (in my case it never sees the storage as I use it all year round).

Denim jacket or shirt:

Super casual cover up for all your summer clothes, perfect to achieve a relaxed and stylish outfit at all times.

Denim skirt:

French girls usually wear it with a ditsy top and flats for a romantic look but it would work with everything really. Just like your favourite pair of jeans, mini or midi, it will be a life saver as it can be dress up or down and it is flattering on everyone at every age.

Denim shorts:

For the jeans addicted out there, me included. A good pair such as Levi's can be cool with a simple white shirt and a pair of heels or super casual with a graphic T and dad sandals. Anyway you style them, you'll get a lot of wear out of it. Sustainable tip: instead of buying a new pair, if you have an old pair of jeans that you were thinking to ditch, cut them! It is impossible to fail, I have done it myself hundreds of times and I have never regretted it.

You can actually decide the precise length that suits you the most, which is great if you don't like short shorts. Styling tip: look for flare cut like the second one I have linked below to make your legs look slimmer and longer.

Linen trousers:

Airy and breathable, they will be the best choice instead of trousers. A straight leg, more tailored cut will be great for work white a flare leg with drawstring would be ideal for the beach.

I know, they crease very easily, but it is the nature of the fabric so who cares? The will look incredible anyways. If you would like to know how to style them click here

Comfy sandals:

I don't know you, but the hot temperatures make my feet swollen. A close shoe is not an option and a good pair of comfy open sandals with support on the heel is an absolute must have, especially when walking for more than a mile is required.

Straw hat:

When the sun is high and the temperatures past 25, a hat is needed. It will protect your hair and skin from the UV rays and it will add an effortless stylish touch to your look.

Simple black one piece swimsuit:

It is the most practical and the chicest option for the beach or the pool. Just choose the shape that is most flattering on you and you'll be wearing it a lot as a bodysuit too with linen trousers or shorts!


You know when the AC in the office or supermarket is too high? That's when you need it the most, but you can also bring to the beach and use it as a pareo! Multifunctional is key.

Thank you so much for reading my post today, I hope you liked it!

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Have a lovely start of the week all!