4 transitional ways to style a Breton t-shirt

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Today I am going to share with you 4 transitional ways to style a Breton t-shirt for spring.

I am currently at the beginning of my 3rd week at home. Time flies!

The weather has been amazing lately and I am so happy about it! It is time for some distraction with one of my frivolous fashion posts!

Who doesn't have a Breton t-shirt? I believe everybody has at least one version and if you don't, well...then you should. It is by far one of the most versatile, practical and at the same time chic tops you will ever own.

No surprise it is one of the classic French wardrobe staples.

I have always admired the effortless yet chic style of Parisians women such as Jeanne Damas, Emmanuelle Alt and Caroline de Maigret just to mention a few examples. They all inspire me every day with their looks and they all own a cool Breton or, as they call it, "la Marinière".

It is the casual alternative to a crispy oxford striped shirt and you know how great it is to put together an acceptable last-minute outfit. I hate ironing, so you won't see me wearing a shirt often. I also don't work in a super smart office environment, so I tend to use tops much more.

I have got several versions of said Breton: a black and white V neck long sleeve one that I am wearing here (it might be spring but I am still cold, you know guys by now: until the temperature doesn't reach 30 degrees you won't see this Italian girl with a vest!), a navy and white crew neck with 3/4 sleeves, a classic short-sleeve boxy fit one and a quirky bright green and white short sleeve t-shirt.

I'll tell you more: I will definitely invest in a red and white one this year because I know for a fact that I will get a lot of wear out of it: it will be lovely with a pair of white jeans and in general with denim + it could be fun with a contrast print too.

Why transitional outfits? Well, the answer is simple. Spring here in London can be tricky. You will still need some sort of cover-up because I guarantee you that the weather will change quickly during the day and not just once. I literally saw beautiful mornings tuning into a rainy afternoon, then sunny evenings and in a couple of hours icy windy nights. You still need layers, I swear.

But you can opt for a more summery style using a short sleeve t-shirt and it will work for all the outfits combination that you'll see below. Another trick to make them more on the spring side is to simply change the shoes with a pair of flats or sandals!

Disclaimer: you won't see a lot of colours...I am more into an aesthetic monochromatic phase at the moment, and I love matchy-matchy looks.

It might look too plain for some people, but this is what works for me. It is a good starting point to find a style that suits you, as you can always modify it to your taste, playing with colours and adding patterns.

Personally, I like to be on the safe side most of the time because this classic, timeless approach to styling won't ever go out of fashion and I would like to keep my garments for as long as possible.

But now let's crack on with the fun part:

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Long-sleeved Breton tops:

Short-sleeved Breton tops:

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-Outfit n.one:

I am starting with the basics: no brain, effortless outfit for every day. Something that you can find in every single wardrobe: the stripy T-shirt, a pair of blue jeans and boots (or trainers if you prefer).

Add only some gold jewellery and red lipstick. It will look like you are coming out of a fashion magazine already.

Don't skip the jewellery and the red lips: they are as essential as the top here. Details matter.

-Outfit n.2:

What if you still want to be casual but slightly more sophisticated?

Keep the jewellery and the red lips but add something on top: it can be a trench coat, a vest or a cardigan.

I like to keep it monochromatic using the same shades (black and charcoal in this case as I am wearing a black and white tee, but with a navy and white Breton it would work a navy palette). The skinny cut makes the outfit a bit sexier while the boots and the cardigan are still in the comfy zone.

-Outfit n.3:

Fancy something smarter?

Opt for a black long blazer and a pair of heels to immediately bring the outfit to the next level. Blazers are the best alleys to achieve a chic style in no time and without splurging a lot of money.

This look could be suitable for the office but this combo works perfectly if you are going out for a date afterwards.

I love the pop of colour of my red pumps as it matches the lips and it adds a personal twist.

More accessories: a pair of cool black sunglasses and a simple black bag will complete the outfit perfectly.

-Outfit n.4:

The last outfit is the smartest: black blazer + black satin skirt + heeled boots.

I am obsessed with satin/silky skirts and for a reason. They are elegant and at the same time super comfortable (I can even wear my ginormous grandma knickers under and they won't show!) and they are incredibly easy to style. They look sleek dressed up or down and they are suitable for every occasion, from the office or an event.

I choose again a total black outfit as this is the way I would normally style it. I tent to be quite minimalistic but the options here are endless. If you prefer to be on the casual side but still wearing the skirt, just swap the boots for a pair of trainers and the trick is done!

If you are tired of boots and you would like to wear something a bit more summery, opt for a pair of court shoes or even a pair of bare sandals.

More inspirational pics that I found on Pinterest and that I love!

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