7 loungewear outfits that don't suck

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Today I am going to share with you 7 loungewear outfits that don't suck to enjoy while in lockdown.

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London life can be a non-stop marathon and like everybody else here, I was used to being super busy, so now I am taking this forced break to be more productive in certain areas that I was neglecting before such as experimenting in the kitchen and creating some good content for my blog.

I am grateful for this opportunity because I was always on such a tight schedule and I realise now how much pressure I had on my shoulder to manage to do everything.

I am happy to recharge my batteries now. After all, we can't control this thing, and I just want to take the bright side of it.

One thing that surprised me on a positive note is that I ended up putting together a few comfy yet cool loungewear outfits that actually don't suck (even if I say so myself!).

That's why I would like to share with you how to spice your everyday look now that you are stuck at home like me, whenever you are working or not.

-Monochromatic knitwear:

A great method to elevate your everyday outfit at home is to use knitwear and make sure that the rest is more or less the same shade to obtain a kind of more put-together look.

The weather is not quite springy yet, despite the few sunny days we had last week. The temperatures are still on the winter side but not as rigid, so a big chunky cardigan like the one I am wearing in the picture below would be an excellent idea. It is cosy and warm but it is not as sloppy as a fluffy PJ or a common sweatshirt.

I paired it with a long black knitted vest, worn like a dress, and added a pair of long grey socks, because you know what, sometimes I want to feel sexy at home as well!

The details are important: I put on some of my favourite jewellery to make it nicer.

Cardigan: New Look

Long vest: Tezenis

Long socks: Calzedonia

If you don't feel like having your legs out just yet another great look is to opt for a nice cashmere jumper, which is perfect if you are working from home and you would like to look presentable on top in case of a video chat meeting.

Cashmere is also the most comfortable and skin-friendly fabric you can possibly wear during this period. I couldn't recommend more to invest in a couple of good cashmere jumpers, even now that we are going into the summer. You can actually find better prices! You will never regret the money, I swear.

Cashmere jumper: Max Mara

Leggings: Domyos

During cold days, a loose oversized wool jumper is always you best ally to be cosy, especially if paired with a pair of slouchy wide-leg track pants: in my opinion, you can't possibly combine comfort and style better than this. Bonus: the all-black outfit makes it chic and sleek without effort.

-Jeans addicted:

If it's denim, the item that you miss terribly from your going-out wardrobe now, just put them on for a day!

I would personally avoid skinnies, but more comfortable fit such as straight legs and mom jeans would be perfect to elevate your daily look, especially if you are still working. Just for practicality, I would skip the belt, but I would wear all my favourite jewellery again to make it less basic.

I honestly think that wearing a piece of clothing that we love and feel confident it would give us a hint of normality that we desperately need.

Add a smart black blazer for your meeting call and the trick is done!

T-shirt: New Look

Jeans: Mango

Necklace and bracelet: Oliver Bonas

-Sporty looks

If you are not working for the time being or you would like to be 100% on the cosy side, sweatshirt, hoodies and leggings will be your best friends these days.

Bonus: you cannot skip your daily workout if you are already wearing gym clothes!

I personally don't like to wear slippers at home because:

1) I have carpets

2) I constantly lose them while walking as my feet are very narrow

That's why when I am in a sporty outfit mood I just wear my incredibly comfy Skechers with memory foam insole. They are such a great investment!

They are amazing for a quick indoor HIIT workout as they support perfectly your feet when doing all your squats and jumping jacks... If the last thing you want to do is to work out, you still might enjoy this attire for a deep cleaning session of the house now that we have the time for it.

Hoodie: H&M

Leggings: Fitzeri

Trainers: Skechers

If you are more of a yoga kind of person, a snuggly hoodie with a big neckline + cotton leggings is the way to go for you!

Sometimes I just want to chillax around the flat I only feel like having a relaxing stretching session and I would definitely wear this look for it.

Add a pair of trainers + a lightweight puffer jacket and you are ready to nip out to run some errands, such as the weekly trip to the supermarket.

Hoodie: Primark

Leggings: Domyos

I am constantly stealing from my boyfriend's wardrobe as I love wearing oversized jumpers and sweats. That's why he was really happy when I bought this big, oversized long jumper. It's a size M (12-14) while I am a 10 and I love it because it is super warm and this shade of rusty brown is super cool and suits my complexion. I usually wear it with leggings or just with my long socks. That is my outfit of choice when I am having a cup of tea watching a movie.

Oversized sweatshirt: Primark

Long socks: Calzedonia

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