Laid-back style: my best neutral outfits

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Today I am sharing my A/W guide for a laid-back style wearing my best neutral outfits.

A neutral outfit is the best choice for your everyday look if you like the street casual style vibe.

It is a clever way to maximise what you own and always look put together without being boring or scruffy looking when opting for a casual clothing style.

The Coronavirus and the several lockdowns we experienced have reshaped our life and affected the way we dress like anything else before.

We managed to normalise loungewear and to make comfier choices in terms of clothing because our lifestyle has dramatically changed.

I totally embraced the laid back look this year and I enjoyed creating relaxed outfits with what I have in my wardrobe.

My lifestyle right now mainly requires two things from my clothing: warmth and practicality.

Therefore, the outfits below are all effortlessly chic yet laid-back looks that everyone can emulate with the basics you already own.

My style has evolved rather drastically since I moved to London and it can be described as tomboyish, minimal and without frills.

It is not a secret that I often wear men's clothes and I like gender-neutral colours, especially dark neutral colours, as well as gender-neutral fashion.

Naturally, the main stars of my laid-back outfits are: denim and knitwear.

Nothing can beat the comfort and the versatility of those two categories when planning a relaxed look.

Occasionally I also love to wear a dress or a skirt, but only if the weather is mild and in a casual way!

After all, it is all about how you play with accessories.

A simple jumper paired with a chunky boot, a crossbody bag and puffer jacket will accentuate its informality, while the same combo paired with a chic bag, a pair of high heels and a tailored coat will elevate the whole look.

This is also the reason why I don't really need or own occasional wear.

If I have a smarter event popping up, (which is very rare in 2020) I just dress up what I wear every day using my accessories instead of panicking and run to the shop, which is going to leave a hole in my pocket for something that I will rarely use.

Jewellery is also another way of making my plain style more interesting: gold classic pieces that I wear daily that work with all my outfits.

I usually opt for a neutral colour palette as there is nothing more reliable (and stylish) than that. My main 4 neutral colours are beige, navy, back and off-white.

While someone will think that it is a boring way to dress, I find it, on the contrary, extremely stimulating because I can easily mix and match all of my clothes, therefore, I am wearing more all of my items and I don't have anything sitting in my wardrobe.

"Still worried that working in the absence of vibrant hues will make your minimalist outfits a little lacklustre? Trust us when we say neutral-toned dressing is anything but boring. It just takes a jolt of inspiration to get the outfits right. Think about layering textures when testing out the monochrome dressing, and you'll stand out but in a subtle way." That's what Dale Arden Chong wrote on Who What Wear. I couldn't agree more.

I recently received so many compliments about my style as the way I dress looks like I own much more than I actually do.

That's the secret to maximise your wardrobe: basic, simple lines and neutral hues.

Add interest with texture and fabric, and there you have it!

Check How to find your own personal style and build the perfect capsule wardrobe for you if you want to know how to create a curated clothing collection.

Black and beige laid-back looks

Light neutral colours paired with black are my current favourites. I really like the contrast and how they balance out each other.

Neutral look outfit
Gender neutral trend

Shades of brown and cream

Brown neutral

Blue and beige casual outfits

Shop my neutrals

The neutral items you'll wear next year too.

Need help building a neutral wardrobe? I have got you covered!

As you know, I am all about sustainable fashion and conscious consumption so I encourage you to have a look in charity shops and second hand online stores such as eBay, Vinted and Depop to find all the pieces I am wearing here.

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Gold jewellery


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