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Asparagus and poached eggs brunch

Hi guys!

Do you need a good idea for a nice but not too complicated Sunday brunch?

I have got the perfect recipe for you!

It's easy, under 15 min, it's very low calories and it looks and tastes amazing!!


-A pack of asparagus tips

-3 super fresh eggs (very important thing or they will not come out nicely!)

-Fresh mint leaves to serve

-Extra virgin olive oil


-White vinegar


-Fresh lemon juice

-Put the kettle on and when the water is boiled pour half of it in a pot where you have previously tossed a whole pack of asparagus tips.

-Salt the water.

-Cover with a lid and cook for 6 minutes until tender.

-In another pot pour the rest of the boiled water and a few drops of white vinegar (don't add any salt as it will break the whites) and bring to simmer.

-Crack the egg inside a small bowl or a saucer: that will make the process of sliding it inside the pot a lot easier.

-Stir the water with a spoon to make a gentle whirlpool and slowly tip the first egg inside.

-Let it cook for 3 minutes without covering with a lid.

-Take the egg out with the help of a spoon and set aside.

-Do the same with the rest of the eggs, one by one.

-Serve the asparagus tips on a plate and squeeze a slice of lemon on them, then add the poached eggs on top.

-Season the dish with salt and pepper and drizzle with some extra virgin olive oil.

-Nice touch: a couple of fresh mint leaves on top.

-Pair with two slices of good sourdough bread, better if toasted: it will make this meal even more filling and satisfying.


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Have a good weekend!!!

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