Easy asparagus tips and poached eggs Sunday brunch

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Today I am going to share with you a super simple yet delicious brunch idea: asparagus tips and poached eggs.

It's easy to make, ready under 15 minutes, and it's very low in calories!

If you want to know more about the incredible benefits of asparagus, check out this article from WebMD:

The history and the health benefits of asparagus


-A bunch of asparagus tips

-3 super fresh eggs

-Fresh mint leaves to serve

-Extra virgin olive oil


-White vinegar


-Fresh lemon juice

-Put the kettle on and when the water is boiled pour half of it in a pot where you have previously tossed a whole pack of asparagus tips.

-Salt the water.

-Cover with a lid and cook for 6 minutes until tender.

-In another pot pour the rest of the boiled water and a few drops of white vinegar (don't add any salt as it will break the whites) and bring to a simmer.

-Crack the egg inside a small bowl or a saucer: that will make the process of sliding it inside the pot a lot easier.

-Stir the water with a spoon to make a gentle whirlpool and slowly tip the first egg inside.

-Let it cook for 3 minutes without covering with a lid.

-Take the egg out with the help of a spoon and set aside.

-Do the same with the rest of the eggs, one by one.

-Serve the asparagus tips on a plate and squeeze a slice of lemon on them, then add the poached eggs on top.

-Season with salt and pepper and drizzle with some extra virgin olive oil.

-Nice touch: a couple of fresh mint leaves on top.

-Pair with two slices of good sourdough bread, better if toasted: it will make this meal even more filling and satisfying.


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