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Autumn outfits I wore on repeat

This week I wanted to sum up some of my most worn autumn outfits.

For those who are following me in Instagram, it is basically a look book of what I have been posting recently.

First of all (and forever will be) the perfect, timeless, no-brain combo denim + jumper.

I know, it's boring.

But I just can't wear outfits where I am not comfortable with and that I wouldn't actually wear in my everyday life.

In my opinion, investing in good basics and a great accessories (they don't need to be extremely expensive) it is enough to keep you style interesting.

I will never stop claiming the importance of details: jewellery, outwear and shoes are for me the most important part when styling. They are literally game changing.

That's the fun side of getting dressed in the morning: you can always find a different way to wear your old black sweater without looking shabby or repetitive.

I am a big fan of a capsule wardrobe for several reasons ( logistic, ethical and practical) that I already explained in previous posts.

I don't have many styles of jeans: I own 5 pairs of skinnies, the most flattering fit on me, in the main colours ( light grey, charcoal, black, a classic denim and white). I also have a straight pair in a washed denim and a pair of mom jeans in dark blue.

In terms of trousers, I only have a pair of printed tailored trousers for when I want to look more professional or I kind of feel to jazz things up. I think in the future I will invest in an extra pair (maybe in navy) as I know I could get a lot wear out of them.

This year didn't buy many new pieces as my cashmere sweaters are still in excellent conditions. I must admit that despite my hate for polyester, I fell in love with a beautiful camel jumper and I ended up buying it. It is surprisingly warm and it doesn't feel so itchy on the skin ( but I always wear a t-shirt underneath).

Shoes are my down fall. I splurged a fair amount of money lately but I really needed some brand new ones as I spend 10 hours a day on my feet (also my posture is a bit funny and my shoes got extremely worn only on one side).

Every time I buy a new pair, something old has to go. That's my general rule.

I got rid of my old Dolce&Gabbana trainers ( they were begging me to retire) and I replace them with a suede pointy black boots.

Same story for my old, not so white anymore trainers that I never mention in caption because I don't remember the name of the brand, (I bought them in TKMAXX and didn't keep the box). I replace them with anther pair of white but bold trainers that are actually a very good dupe for the famous brand Air and Grace.

From last year I kept a pair of burgundy boots with block heel from Mango, a tan pair from Aldo and a snake pair from Oliver Bonas.

Asos men nevy jumper - Mango jeans - Vintage belt - Aldo boots - Oliver Bonas headband and necklaces

Pure collection grey jumper - Primark jeans - Oliver Bonas shoes

Gingerandsoul cardigan - Asos men navy jumper - Mango jeans

Oliver Bonas jumper - Primark jeans - Aldo boots - vintage belt

Oliver Bonas jumper - H&M jeans - Aldo boots -Micheal Kors bag

Oliver Bonas cardigan, blouse and boots - Primark jeans

Oliver Bonas sweater - Pure collection jeans - Oliver Bonas boots

Pure collection jumper - Mango jeans - Oliver Bonas trainers

I tried to spicy up things with a couple of short dresses + jumpers paired with boots, the next favourite thing to wear after jeans.

Next coat - Tezenis knit dress - Primadonna boots - Oliver Bonas bag

Vintage sweater - Newlook dress - Aldo boots

Pure collection jumper - Seraphine dress - Oliver Bonas boots

Last but not least: skirts. They are versatile and easy to dress up or down!

I currently have 4: 3 mini and one midi.

If I have to choose to show off a part of my body in the cold months, I'd definitely choose legs: I am not that cold when my upper body is well wrapped up and I am wearing good quality shoes (and insoles!)

But don't ask me to wear a deep V neck or a flimsy fabric because I couldn't bear it under 15 degrees (and surely the next day I will be sick in bed....)

Oliver Bonas jumper - Miss Selfridge skirt - Oliver Bonas boots

Pure collection jumper - Oliver Bonas skirt - D&G trainers

Outwear: I have been wearing a lot my "second hand but grand" (like Emma Hill says) Ebay purchases, the teddy coat and the grey checked coat from Next.

Of course I also wore several times some of my old but still beautiful ones .

Next coat - Primadonna knee boots

Alessandro dell'acqua coat - Max mara jumper - Handmade bag - Primark jeans - Oliver Bonas boots

Teddy coat - Primark jeans - Micheal Kors bag - Vintage gloves

Max Mara puffer - Primark jeans - UGG boots - Pure collection scarf - H&M headband

Teddy coat - Pure collection jumper - H&M white jeans - Micheal Kors bag

Alessandro dell"acqua coat - Pure collection jumper - Pure collection straight leg jeans - Sketchers trainers