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Autumn puff pastry tart with pumpkin cream and okra


-One puff pastry sheet -Half pumpkin

-Cauliflower florets -3 small cream cheese spread -200 gr Okra or ladies' fingers -3 thin Romanian pork sausages (or the normal one if you don't have it) -Salt -Chilli flakes -Turmeric powder -Rosemary



-Roast the pumpkin in the over for 20 minutes first until soft then mash it and add the cheese. It should become a sort of orange spread.

-Season with a pinch of salt, some rosemary, half teaspoon of turmeric and some chili flakes (that will depend on how spicy you want it to be).

-Spread the puff pastry on a tray and use a fork to get tiny holes that will help it to cook quicker and better.

-Cut the sausages into small bits and wash the okra but keep them whole because once cut they will make a slimy liquid that will ruin the beauty of the dish.

-Now you can roast the cauliflower florets previously drizzled with olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper and some roughly cut parsley.

You should do it after the pumpkin as it takes less time so then they can be ready more or less at the same time and I like to keep them crunchy. When golden, take it out and drizzle with some Tabasco.

-After the puff pastry has risen a bit, spread the pumpkin and cheese cream on it evenly and add the sausage bits and the okra. Season with more salt and chilli if you like.

-Toss it in the oven for 10 min on the lower level and for 10 min on the middle one. Then let it grill on the up level for 5 minutes.

It's ready when golden on top and well cooked inside: take it out and let it cool a bit in order to be easier to cut nicely.

When is still warm but not hot, slice it into squares.

This dish not only it is easy to put together but it is well balanced as it combines protein, carbs and fats. Because of the high calories intake it would be better paired with something light such as the roasted cauliflower and maybe a tomatoes salad.

Okra is a vegetable from Africa: I like to think it like a different version of our common peas. I have tried it in here in London for the first time ( I don't think you can find it in Italy, at least not in Tuscany) and I really like the texture and the delicate taste. I made some researches and I found out it is has many benefits: it is very low in calories, has plenty of fibres, vitamin K and folate and It is a super food against cancer. Do we need more reasons to include it in our diet?

What about you? Have you ever tried it?

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