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Back to work capsule wardrobe style guide

Ciao, welcome back to my blog, I hope you are all safe and well!

Today I am going to show you how I organise my winter wardrobe for work now that we are all back at it after the holidays.

Maybe not in real offices, but it is now proven that getting dressed actually helps to trigger productivity. Who am I to say the contrary?

Just swap the shoes for cool slippers and there you have it!

The previous lockdown taught me that comfort and style can go hand in hand, therefore these are my main criteria when creating my capsule collection for work.

Anything constricting and not warm is to avoid.

Despite considering myself a minimalist, a wardrobe made only of black and white is not flattering for my complexion and it doesn't stimulate my creativity.

After all, I do enjoy the process of styling.

I like to inject a pop of colour in my outfits when I am in the mood for it, that's why I have selected a few items in mid tones (khaki, burgundy) that work amazingly with my core pieces, which of course are in neutral shades (black, white, navy, beige and grey).

Every piece is interchangeable and it is also suitable for weekends, going out dates and any other social occasion, therefore I don't have to purchase items specifically for one purpose. I would just style them in a different way, using accessories to dress them up or down.

I would usually mix and max accessories of different hues in order to add my outfits a more interesting twist, but I tend to avoid mixing too many colours together.

Overall the result is very cohesive and I would always feel confident and at ease as they all represent me perfectly.

Below you can find several smart/casual outfits that I would usually wear for work.

The idea here is to prove that whatever the style, it is easy to create a curated capsule wardrobe when the pieces are carefully selected.

Tailored trousers

I am a sucker for a great pair of slim fit tailored trousers: they are comfortable, they keep me toasty and they make me look polished and professional in an instant, either with a classic combo of white shirt and black blazer but also with knitwear.

I own a plain wool pair in khaki and a patterned one, just to spice things up a bit.

A smart but spacious bucket bag with chain detail is perfect to carry everything I need in style. My beloved burgundy boots are extremely comfortable and they attract the attention immediately and I would match their shade with my lipstick.

If the work place is rather relaxed, I would dress it down with a pair of white trainers, which makes the outfit modern and fresh.

Outfits ideas:

Blazer + shirt + trousers + smart boots: dress up

Blazer + chic turtleneck + trousers + smart boots: smart-casual

Jumper + Trousers + trainers: dress down

Khaki trousers:

Printed trousers:

The satin skirt

One of the biggest trends of the past couple of years that served me very well as trans seasonal item.

The fabric and the cut make it chic, elegant yet comfortable.

A no brainer, even for a tomboy like me.

Easily interchangeable with a plated midi skirt if you own one.

Outfits ideas:

Blazer + shirt or top + smart boots = dress up

Knitwear + casual boots = dress down

Easy peasy.

The plated skirt dress

Another trans seasonal item: navy plated skirt dress.

It is a short sleeves, summery dress with feminine details on the top that you can't see here. It is ideal for smart occasions for S/S while in the winter I just pretend it's a skirt adding a jumper and a blazer on top.

In this case my preference is to go for a monochromatic body and have fun with the accessories. I don't like to wear tights with this particular one but I would wear a pair of 3/4 leggings underneath and funny socks to keep my feet warm and toasty.

If you have a similar dress, you will see how versatile this style is as you can wear it all year round without problems.

Shop my winter workwear

The curated pieces you'll wear next year too.

As you know, I am all about sustainable fashion and conscious consumption so I encourage you to have a look in charity shops (when they'll be open again) and second hand online stores such as Ebay, Vinted and Depop to find all the pieces I am wearing here.

However, if it doesn't float you boat I have listed some similar items below for you:

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Comfy and cosy tailored trousers

Satin and pleated skirts

Winter dresses with plated skirt

The essential jumpers

Thank you for reading my article today, I hope you found some useful style inspo!

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I wish you a great start of the week!