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Black Friday shopping!

Is that week of the year again.

For us working in retail means longer shift and crazy customers looking for the best bargains of the season either for themselves of as gifts for the fast approaching Christmas.

Is it really worth buying now? Are the discounts real?

Well, it depends.

Obviously, the discounts here in the UK are not massive like in the States.

It usually varies from 20% off up to 40% (very rarely it goes over) but in some cases it is worth waiting.

I often purchase gifts or Black Friday as the majority of us.

The best deals are in the technology range (mobile phones, tablets, cameras and so on...) followed by fashion and accessories.

The annoying thing is that the best discounts are at the end of the Black Friday weekend, especially on a Cyber Monday. But all the best stuff is likely to be gone by then.

My advice is to create an account on the website that is selling the item you are interested in, and they usually will send you a reminder if the item is low in stock or it's selling fast.

If it is almost gone, I will suggest you to take it, even if you are not 100% sure (you can always return it later on).

Some brands also tell you which store has them so if it's on your way to work you could pop in and secure them.

(Tip from the retail environment: don't even ask stores to put the item on hold for you as it is usually forbidden during these specific days).

Another thing that bothers me is that, due to the high level of requests, deliveries are frequently delayed.

It happened to me last year. I ordered a pair of beautiful Mango boots at a very decent price but the parcel came two solid weeks after the purchase!

What is my wish list for the weekend?

This year I really fancy a good fair isle jumper. I will choose one of these:

I love the colours and the pattern of this one but the fabric is not amazing...they also have a pure cashmere version that I will keep an eye on... in case it will be reduced.

You will by now that I am in love with men's jumpers...I always steal my boyfriend's ones as we have more or less the same size. I have awfully long arms and being quite tall, I prefer that kind of oversized fit on me!

That's why I am thinking of buying one for him...that we can easily share!

If these are not your cup of tea, they could be a very nice present for your loved one or your dad!

A pair of comfy dupe for the Grenson boots is on my Black Friday list too. I love the contrast a chic midi skirt or a ladylike dress paired with these.

M&S is always the starting point when looking for nice dupes, but I am tempted by the Superdry alternative which makes them a bit more feminine with the rose gold hard wear.

I also need a hand steamer in my life. I hate ironing (who loves it?!). I don't really need one now, but for the spring summer where I am wearing cotton and linen, natural fabrics that requires more than just 30 minutes in the dryer.

I will be on a hunt for a cute yet powerful one (as they are usually not discounted during the year).

I will also take advantage of the reduced prices to replace my food processor which is falling apart. Since I cook a lot, I will buy from the website that will offer the best quality at the best price. I had a look already and I saved some items that I like such this:

If you are starting to browse for gifts, then Amazon is the first website where I shop for that.

Instagram helps me too because my favourite brands will post their offers there in advance so I like to wait until they promote their discounts.

Newsletters or subscriptions can be annoying at times but in this time of the year they are very handy indeed.

Some brands will send you some exclusive and early discounts when you join so that you can buy what you were looking for in advance avoiding the disappointment of the size/colour range being sold out on the actual days of sale.(Oliver Bonas for instance starts on Wednesday if you sign in).

Speaking of Christmas gifts, would you like me to do a post about it?

I wish all an amazing and not too crazy Black Friday shopping!

Let me know what you ended up buying!