Grilled prawn skewers recipe with pineapple and red onion

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In today's post, I will show you how to make a yummy grilled prawn skewers recipe with pineapple and red onion on the stove using the cast iron grill pan.

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The heatwave of the last few days was a real blessing for me as I was craving the sun, the smell of flowers in the air, the blue sky and all the good stuff that comes with hot temperatures that feel like home for me.

It also brought me inspiration for some holidays inspired food that I want to share with you!

You know by now that, having spent most of my life living on the Tuscan coast I am obsessed with seafood and I would eat tons of it weekly as it is low calories yet satisfying.

King prawns are a great source of lean protein and their taste is divine, especially when grilled. This time, instead of going for a classic prawn and vegetable skewers I decided to be adventurous and go for something more interesting.

The combo pineapple/red onion is amazing and their tropical flavour works really well together.

Seafood and fruit might seem weird to some but in my opinion is one of the best food combinations possible as the saltiness of seafood combined with the sweetness of fresh, sweet or citrus fruits can prove particularly effective and refreshing, especially in the summer months.

Give it a go, there is delicious potential in pairing them together, once tried there's no turning back.

Nothing feels like a holiday more than a good BBQ right?

King prawn skewers have that exotic taste that I love and they also cook very quickly compared to meat.

On top of that, this recipe is super healthy we won't make a prawn marinade: we will season and prepare a simple dressing of chopped parsley, chilli flakes and olive oil to drizzle on them once cooked.

Now, I don't have a garden but I bought a couple of grill pans (I will link on below if you are interested) that are one of the best kitchen investments I have ever done since I am in London. I couldn't recommend them more: practical to use, easy to clean and the taste of the dishes is incredible!

For sure it is faster than a normal BBQ!


250g raw king prawns

2 red onions

Half pineapple

A bunch of fresh parsley

4 mushrooms

A pinch of chilli flakes

A clove of garlic

The juice of a half lemon

A pinch of salt

2 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil

Skewers (I only got wooden ones but metal would be even better)

king prawn skewers

The first thing to do if you are using wooden or bamboo skewers is to soak them in water because otherwise, they will burn easily. I forgot to do it here and I was struggling, to be honest, so don't skip this passage!

Remove the skin from the pineapple and cut it into cubes of uniform size.

Peel off the skin from the onions and cut them in a half. From each half, you should cut them again into 3 chunky slices of uniform size.

No marinade needed for the prawns. Take off the heads but you want to keep the skin on otherwise they will turn too dry with the heat. The skin prevents them from losing their juicy texture. Just cut them on their belly, where the little legs are, in order to remove the skin faster later.

Preheat the grill pan on the biggest hob at high heat while you are preparing your skewers.

Layer prawns and veggies onto kebabs in the desired order.

A very important tip to prevent the grill from smoking: don't season while cooking.

Let them cook on each side until the prawns turn their typical coral orange (it will take 5 minutes per side).

Place the kebabs in a tray or a big plate and now proceed to the seasoning: drizzle with olive oil and lemon juice, add salt and chilli flakes and sprinkle with thinly chopped parsley.

Let them sit there to cool down for a couple of minutes to absorb the dressing.

As a side, I actually grilled some mushrooms to go with, but you can choose the vegetables you prefer such as aubergines or courgettes or opt for a side of fries, salad or even steamed rice.

Enjoy with a chilled glass of Prosecco!

BBQ prawn skewers

Prawn skewers recipe

prawns kebab bbq

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