Chic and affordable decor pieces for a cozy minimal house

Ciao, welcome back to my blog!

Today's post will be about how to decorate your home in a simple, minimalistic way but at the same time cozy and personal.

I embraced minimalism in many areas of my life, including home decor and that helped to figure out how to achieve a tidy, elegant and cohesive space with less.

Now, many people think that in order to be more frugal or minimalistic we need to get rid of everything that makes our life comfortable and to live only with strictly necessary things.

It might be right for some people who chose to be more radical, but the best thing about minimalism is that there are no specific rules but only guidelines: everyone finds its own way to interpret them.

No judgments about what the others are doing or not. What is important for me it might not be for you and vice versa. Being minimalistic is not about deprivation, it is owning exactly what we need in our life and nothing more.

Many minimalists choose to have no decor pieces in their homes and it is fine. The primary thing is to keep the rooms clean and clutter-free.

Decorating is one’s personal choice, but it affects the mood with positive vibes.

I need my place to be aesthetically pleasing, tidy but cosy at the same time, without having the feeling of living in a hotel room.

My flat is far from perfect and it definitely needs further adjustments but it is ok for what I need now.

These are my PERSONAL rules or guidelines to achieve a cosy yet minimalistic home.

I am still struggling with a couple of points but I am getting there little by little.

1) Different textures in similar tones

2) Stick to neutrals or monochrome and decorate with simple black accenting. Bold doesn't always mean bright.

3) Keep everyday items out of sight in simple yet stylish storages.

4) The majority of my decor pieces must have an actual function.

5) Keep sentimental items to a minimum. If it is something that I don't like to have on display but I don't want to get rid of it, I would just keep it in a box.

6) Practical over pretty: too fragile or hard to maintain items will not be ideal for me.

7) Embrace negative space

So what are practical and decorative pieces that will not leave us broke?

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A stylish fruit bowl is one of my go-to items for the kitchen table.

A cute but simple set of matching plates and mugs is another way of keeping things interesting in the kitchen. They can be displayed stacked on each other on a shelf or put back in the pantry.

Flowers cheer me up like nothing else and they instantly light up the environment and make any room look chicer.

This is my current favourite vase to display them and it works well for every room:

Plants purify the air for us.

Decorating a living room with indoor plants makes us feel more serene and relaxed.

A plant pot made out of natural materials will add a stylish touch to your rooms and will hide the awful plastic vases the came with your plants.

Hanging planters are one of the most popular ways to decorate indoor plant inside the home right now.

It is ideal for creating a statement plant display, or a space-saving compact herb garden in your kitchen.

I am not a big fan of rugs. I really like how they look as they make a space more cohesive but let's be honest, they are a true pain in the arse to clean, therefore I don't own any. But I do like the one below

Working from home? This is a great decor item to keep your desk tidy from technology; also think it would be a practical and useful gift for men.

What I am recently doing every single evening when I am done working at the desk is to unplug everything and hide all the cables in a cute box.

It really makes a huge difference and I believe it is a good anti-stress tip to put a definite end to the working day promoting relaxation.

The art nourishes the soul so I wouldn't want my walls completely bare but I like to keep it simple: no massive, endless gallery walls.

I know they are super popular on social media nowadays but they are tiring for the eyes and if you are renting your landlord is not going to be happy about it either. One or two pieces per room are fine.

I personally am into drawings and illustrations like the one below but I also love actual paintings.

My boyfriend is an artist so we hung some of his creations in the living room and it adds a pop of colour to our very beige living room.

Aroma diffusers are stylish and they serve a purpose: they make your house smell nice without nasty chemicals.

I really like the one below, I bought it a year and a half ago and I am very pleased with it. Environmental friendly candles are also an option.

They are cute but they can be very expensive and they won't last long. Using essential oils will allow you to change the smell and the vibe whenever you feel like it and they will last longer for less money.

A sleek reading lamp on each nightstand is a bedroom must-have and it gave the space a nice touch.

I don't have one on my side yet but I will definitely purchase one soon.

The below lamp is the current favourite on my wish list.

Simple bedding: high quality, breathable fibres such as linen and cotton are my way to go in light plain colours such as grey or sand and classic prints of the same palette.

I avoid bright patterns and excessive layering. I have 3 sets in similar colour and shades: one for my winter king size duvet and the other two are for my lightweight spring/summer duvet.

The world is divided into two categories of people: the ones who like showing pics at home and the ones who don't.

Photo frames are very personal items and they are meaningful decorations for sentimental kind of people.

I have a simple one on my desk but my boyfriend hates them as he claims it looks like the person in the picture is dead and I am aware that many people out there would agree with that.

On the other hand, my mum has her whole house full of pictures.

They are very important for her and I respect that, however, the room feels a bit overwhelming for me and my dad so my advice, if you like them would be, is to treat it as wall art: moderation is key.

Floor lamps are a great decor piece for the living room and they contribute to making a nice atmosphere, especially next to the sofa or behind an armchair as a reading nook.

Living in small spaces is inevitable for many—especially in the city.

An affordable tip to keep everything out of the way is to invest in a few cute seagrass baskets.

You can really use them for everything: to contain throws, shoes, as a plant pot...the possibilities are almost endless.

Lastly, mirrors are a great decorative piece to make any room look bigger as they reflect the light. As a result, the room will feel immediately wider and brighter!

Thank you so much for reading my post, I hope you find it interesting and inspiring.

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