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Chickpeas curry

Hello guys, I hope you are all well!

Today's food post has a Middle East flavour as this recipe comes from Bengali.

I met a lovely girl at work and during a very quiet day we started talking about traditional food and basically we ended up sharing the best recipe we know in our cultures. I got very curious as she said that some of the traditional dishes are very easy to make, there is no meat and no salt as they use a lot of spices to make the food tasty. That is all I am trying to achieve this year: reduce my animal protein intake and reduce salt in general. I was very cheeky and asked her to send me a step-by-step recipe. An easy one to start with. I found all the ingredients in the Asian off licence corner shop down the street where I live. I got several big pots of spices for a very cheap price but I was told that they are actually much better quality than the ones we can find in the normal supermarkets. I can tell you already that it is true. The amazing smell of spices in my kitchen while I was cooking was overwhelming in a good way! No comparison with the ones you buy in Tesco. The recipe was pretty simple to do and I am chuffed with the result. 100% vegan, 100% delicious and filling! Something a bit out of my comfort zone but somehow similar to my Tuscan tradition as we also cook sometimes potatoes and chickpeas together in stews.


- 1 tin of chickpeas

-1 tin of tomatoes or tomato passata

-3 potatoes

-3 green chilli

-1 bay leaf

-1 tbsp of fennel seeds

-1 tbsp cinnamon powder or a cinnamon stick

-4 cloves

-1 tbsp mild curry powder

-1 tbsp of turmeric

-1 tbsp cumin powder (jeera)

-1 tbsp garam masala

-Ketchup or Sirarcha sauce


-Extra virgin olive oil

-Ginger and garlic paste

-1 white onion


-Steamed rice or naan bread

-Start with the vegetables: peel and chop the potato into cubes and peel and chop thinly the onion. Set aside.

-First pour 4 tbsp of oil in a pot and once it had heated put in the bay leaf, the cinnamon, the cloves and the fennel seeds. Let it cook for a coupe of minutes to let the aroma release.

-Add in then the chopped green chillies, the ginger + garlic paste and the diced onion. Keep stirring until golden.

-Add the potato cubes and let it roast for 5 minutes with the spices.

-Add the tinned tomato or some good quality tomato passata and let it simmer until the oil separates from it (usually takes 5 minutes on medium heat).

-Now is time to add the powders:

1 tbsp of mild curry powder

1 tbsp of turmeric

1 tbsp cumin powder (jeera)

1 tbsp garam masala

Stir and mix well everything together then add a bit of ketchup or Sirarcha a teaspoon of sugar.

-For last, add the tinned chickpeas. Stir and keep it covered on medium heat until the potatoes are soft.

Serve either with steamed rice or the traditional naan bread and sprinkle with chives.

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