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Cod with marinara sauce

Hello fine people, are you ready for the weekend? Finally am back to writing with a new recipe and it is another quick and easy yet super tasty one.

This might seem rather summery, but I actually did it for the first time the day I came back in London after Christmas, sick of the rich, meaty food I had during the holidays. My pantry was sadly empty except from some canned food so I had to go out for some grocery shopping if I didn't want to eat some dodgy noodle soup pot.

My local fishmonger was closed, so I repaired in Tesco and ended up buying some decent cod from the finest section.

Cod wouldn't be my first choice as I prefer Mediterranean fish and I was also very suspicious about the quality because I don't usually buy packed fish. For that reason, I decided to spicy it up a bit: I put together a quick marinara sauce with everything that reminds me of the sea.

My boyfriend eats fish sometimes but he's not a big fan but this time he was enthusiastic about it and he also asked to do it again the after a few day!

It takes literally 15 minutes max, so it is a good save dinner when you are in a rush.

It is very light, so it is an amazing choice if you like me, could only wear elasticated waist trousers after Christmas...


-2 garlic cloves

-Sriracha sauce

-Cod fillets

-1 bag of baby plum tomatoes


-Crushed chilli flakes

-Olive oil

-1 table spoon of capers

-2 table spoons of black olives

-Dry oregano

-Start with the sauce:

Drizzle some olive oil in a pan and add the thinly chopped garlic and the crushed chilli on high heat. Let the oil fry for a little while: it will absorb the spiciness of the chilli.

-Now it is time for the baby plum tomatoes: cut in a half some of them, but leave some whole.

-Add the capers, the black olives and a tablespoon of Sriracha sauce, which will give it an extra twist.

-Cover the pan with a lid and let it cook for 5 minutes. The tomatoes will be done by then and you can add the fish fillets.

-Season everything with salt and oregano. Be generous, it should be savoury.

Don't overcook the fish, or it will lose its juicy texture: no more than 8 minutes with the lid on (for an average store bought fillet which are usually more or less all the same size. If you have fresh fish in bigger chunks I would say no more than 12 minutes).

It is ready when it is all white inside and soft so it is rather difficult to take it from the pan with a spatula but it shouldn't break into pieces.

Taste with some good bread and a glass of red wine. Red wine with fish??? Yes, with a rich tomato sauce, a good red wine will work!

Enjoy! Stay tuned, my next blog post will be on Monday.

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