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Fashion tricks to look slimmer

After years of experience in retail, I finally understand now what are the best shapes and colours for me and for the others, but it is a slow process and it changes with age and with my style evolution.

These are the best tips I learned so far and I would like to share with you.

-Choose your colours well:

A great tip to is to opt for a monochrome or tonal outfits. Any colour worn head to toe is slimming. If you are not familiar with monochromatic dressing, it is simply wearing one colour from head to toe to create a long lean silhouette. If that way of dressing sounds too matchy-matchy and boring, it's really not.

Although it is always very chic, total black is not the only colour I am suggesting you to wear for all eternity. Darker colours are known to be the safest option and it is true in some cases, but only if they suit you.

What I mean is that you are not going to look gorgeous only in navy, grey or black. The point is actually finding the colour range that works for you and that is most flattering for you complexion. I strongly believe in the seasonal colour analysis is an easy and painless why of knowing what colours suits you and that you should wear more often.

Seasonal colour analysis was made popular by Carole Jackson when she released her incredibly popular book “Color Me Beautiful” in 1980.

In it she emphasises the importance of figuring out what works for you and your life specifically, instead of following trends, and the idea of slowly building up a wardrobe around your individual style and colour palette. It helps us saving money from impulse purchases and makes us feel more confident in what we are wearing.

Your seasonal type is determined using two basic variables: Skin tone, eye, and hair colour. To simplify, hair colour is either light or dark, and skin is either warm (blue/pink) or cool (yellow). After establishing tones, each person falls into one of four seasonal categories: winter, summer, spring, or autumn. For more info: https://anuschkarees.com/blog/2013/09/24/colour-analysis-part-i-finding-your-type

These are some useful charts I found on Pinterest (my favourite app ever!)

For my personal experience, I have always been very doubtful about which is the right category for me but the fun part is keeping experimenting and exploring.

Sometimes we just need to think out of the box and to do so, I recommend 3 things:

1) Ask the help of an honest and patient friend whom you admire the sense of style and you think has eye for detail (bribe her/him with a dinner in exchange).

2)Don't be afraid to pay someone to sort it out for you. Believe me, it will be totally worth the money and it will change your life!

3)If you feel like you are on the right path already, just browse on the internet which celebrity has your same body shape or your same complexion and hair/eyes colour combo and then, take inspo from her! I have an endless Pinterest board full of style inspo pics of Olivia Palermo (I love her style), Miranda Kerr (we have a similar complexion) Olivia Wilde (similar body shape). I recently added Isla Fisher as I have been dyed my hair in a more ginger tone so I am saving all her make up and outfits looks. It really works! They all have stylist to take care of their image so you all have to do is basically follow their lead.

Once you have found the right colour palette, embrace it as much as possible. Don't mix contrasting colours: they will bring the attention on the part of the body that you want to hide!

Tonal outfits are always super elegant and chic: if you turn up to look amazing in earthy tones just try to wear them altogether and just mix the same shades and add neutral that goes well with it. Some good examples: brown and camel - grey and charcoal - green and khaki - navy and pale blue. It will gets easier with time and practice.

So, if you look gorgeous in bright colours, just wear them without feeling uncomfortable!

If you look amazing in white, tear yourself with a whole new outfit and don't be scared to show it off!

What happens if the colour palette that suits you the most doesn't really like it?

My suggestion is to wear your favourite but not so flattering shades as accessories and away from your face. Meaning: yes to shoes, bags, nail polish, belts, gloves.

No to bold jewellery, scarves and hats.

The reason is simple, the wrong colour against your face will wash you out terribly and people around you will ask immediately if you are feeling well because the unflattering shade will make you look tired which is the main thing we want to avoid.

Wear confidently the colour and the shape that suit you the most and make it a total look


Not only if you need a couple of centimeters more, they also make you look slimmer.

I would avoid a stiletto though, it is not practical for everyday life and it is not healthy on a daily basis. A chunky and comfy heel (around 5 cm) would be just fine to give you a slender look and elevate your outfit. The colour also matters: if you choose a pointy toe shoe with the colour hat matches your bottom part the result will be longer legs!

Here are the best heels shape to elongate you legs (Mango has currently the best options in my opinion):

Shoes to avoid:

-Ugg boots

-Lace up hiking boots


-Body type and fit:

It also crucial to consider your body type when choosing your outfit. We are all different and therefore we need to dress accordingly.

If you have put some weight on the temptation of wearing only super loose fit items and exclusively dark colours is round the corner but it would be a mistake.

If you have a bit of tummy but lean legs for instance, just wear a loose fitting shirt and matching colour slim leg trousers that will highlight your best part. No belt!

On the other hand if you have a slim waist but you tent to put weight on your lower part (bottom and legs), highlight your mid section with a bold bet and just wear a loose skirt or tailored fit trousers and play with layers. A good long cardi is a must have!


They can be your best friends, so don't reject them completely, use them wisely.

A big, colourful and bright pattern will be perfect to highlight the part of your body you are happy with while is not ideal for the part you would like to hide.

What about a total look? A dress with a small and dainty print will be absolutely fine if the colours suits you!


The general rule is to stay away from all the extremities which are too thick and too thin.

Moderation is key. Everything too clingy and filmsy is not ideal to hide something we are not pride of. On the other hand too much fabric will only add unwanted volume.

Yes to everything that will not show defects like linen, denim, cotton, tweed, thin wool and cashmere for instance.

No to chunky knits, fur or faux fur (the extra volume is not flattering) silk and sequins (everything that reflects the light makes you look bigger) polyester, thin viscose, and too much elastane in the composition label.

-Know your size:

Too many overweight people just buy the biggest size available but it is a mistake. Baggy clothes just make you shapeless, like you a wearing a sack, and therefore you will look bigger (not to mention dowdy).

Same on the other side. Clothes that no longer fit are uncomfortable and they attract the attention on your weakest points. The worst most common mistake is in the underwear: even a model will look awful with the wrong undies! Again, when in doubt, pop in a good store and ask for assistance! They can measure you properly and give you the right size.

Mark ans Spencers and Topshop have personal shoppers that can give a hand without spending a fortune.You will see what a difference can make!

-Get a tailor:

They can do wonders with ill fitting clothes or with items that are now too big/too small for you!

To test these with me just have a look at this pictures of me (there were taken in just a few days part)

In the first I was wearing a monochromatic outfit, with heeled boots and fitted, flattering shape.

In the second I am wearing a looser jumper in a bright colour and mom jeans with flat trainers.

I definitely look slimmer in the first picture (and smarter too) when I am following all the little tricks that I know. My legs are looking way longer and the cardigan was hiding a bit of food bump whilst in the second photo I look shorter and with a couple of kilos more!

Thank you for reading my post and I hope you found something useful!

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Have a lovely start of the week!