My best styling hacks to look slimmer

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Today I am going to share with you all my best styling hacks to look slimmer!

I have been working in the fashion industry and retail for many years and I have extensive knowledge of the expert's tricks.

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-Choose your colours well:

Opt for monochromatic or tonal outfits.

Any colour worn head to toe is slimming. If you are not familiar with a monochromatic look, check this article:

How to master monochromatic outfits

Although it is always very chic, total black is not the only colour I am suggesting you wear for all eternity. Darker colours are known to be the safest option and it is true in some cases, but only if they suit your complexion.

I strongly believe the seasonal colour analysis is an easy way of knowing what colours suit you and that you should wear more often.

The seasonal colour analysis was made popular by Carole Jackson when she released her incredibly popular book “Color Me Beautiful” in 1980.

She emphasises the importance of figuring out what works for you and your lifestyle instead of following trends and the idea of slowly building up a wardrobe around your individual style and colour palette.

It helps us save money from impulse purchases and makes us feel more confident in what we are wearing.

Your seasonal type is determined using two basic variables: Skin tone, eye, and hair colour. To simplify, hair colour is either light or dark, and skin is either warm (blue/pink) or cool (yellow). After establishing tones, each person falls into one of four seasonal categories: winter, summer, spring, or autumn. For more info:

These are some useful charts I found on Pinterest (my favourite app ever!)

If you are still confused:

1)Ask for help from an honest, patient friend whom you admire the sense of style and you think has an eye for detail.

2)Don't be afraid to pay someone to sort it out for you. Believe me, it will change your life!

3)Browse on the internet which celebrity has your same body shape or your same complexion and hair/eyes colour combo and then, take inspiration from her!

I have an endless Pinterest board full of style inspirational pics of Olivia Palermo (I love her style), Miranda Kerr (we have a similar complexion) Olivia Wilde (similar body shape). I recently added Isla Fisher as I have dyed my hair in a more ginger shade of brown so I am saving all her makeup and outfits looks. It really works!

They all have stylists to take care of their image, so all you have to do is basically follow their lead.

Once you have found the right colour palette, embrace it as much as possible. Don't mix contrasting colours: they will bring attention to the part of the body that you want to hide!

Tonal outfits are always super elegant and chic: if you turn up to look amazing in earthy tones just try to wear them all together and mix the same shades adding neutrals that go well with them. Some good examples: brown and camel - grey and charcoal - green and khaki - navy and pale blue. It will get easier with time and practice.

On the other hand, if you look gorgeous in bright colours, just wear them without feeling uncomfortable!

White is the colour that looks better on you? Tear yourself with a whole new outfit and don't be scared to show it off!

What happens if you don't like the colour palette that suits you the most?

My suggestion is to wear your favourite but not so flattering shades as accessories away from your face. Meaning: yes to shoes, bags, nail polish, belts, gloves.

No to bold jewellery, scarves and hats.

The reason is simple, the wrong colour against your face will wash you out!

Wear confidently the colour and the shape that suit you the most and make it a total look


Heels are great not only if you would like to be taller, but they also make you look slimmer.

I would avoid stiletto heels, they are not practical for everyday life. A chunky and comfy heel (around 5 cm) would be just fine to give you a slender look while elevating your outfit, even better if you choose a pointy toe shoe in a colour that matches your bottom clothes to give the illusion of longer, leaner legs.

Below you can find the best heels shape to elongate your legs (Mango has currently the best options in my opinion):

Shoes to avoid:

-Ugg boots

-Lace-up hiking boots


-Body type and fit:

It is also crucial to consider your body type when choosing an outfit. We are all different and therefore we need to dress accordingly.

If you have put some weight on the temptation of wearing only slouchy items in dark colours is round the corner, however, it would be a mistake.

Do you have a bit of tummy but lean legs? Just wear a loose-fitting shirt and matching colour slim leg trousers that will highlight your best part. No belt!

On the other hand, if you have a slim waist but heavier hips and legs, highlight your midsection wearing a fitted top with a bold bet and just wear an A-line skirt or wide-leg trousers.

A good tip is also playing with layers and lengths: a long cardigan or an oversized blazer are must-haves to be stylish!


Well-considered patterns can be your best friends, so don't reject them completely, use them wisely.

A big, colourful and bright pattern will be perfect to highlight the part of your body you are happy with while is not ideal for the part you would like to hide.

What about a total look? A dress with a small and dainty print will be absolutely fine if the colours suit you!


The general rule is to stay away from all the extremities, which are too thick and too thin.

Clingy and flimsy fabrics are not ideal to hide something we are not proud of. On the other hand, too much material will only add unwanted volume.

Yes to linen, denim, cotton, tweed, thin wool and cashmere.

No to chunky knits, fur or faux fur (the extra volume is not flattering) silk and sequins (everything that reflects the light makes you look bigger) polyester (it will make you sweat), thin viscose, and too much elastane in the composition label.

-Know your size:

The temptation to buy the biggest size available is very common among people that are not comfortable with the way they look when shopping for clothes, but it is a mistake.

Baggy clothes just make you shapeless, like you are wearing a sack, and therefore you will look bigger (not to mention dowdy).

Same on the other side. Clothes that no longer fit is uncomfortable and they attract attention where you don't want.

Another common mistake is choosing the wrong underwear.

When in doubt, pop in a good store and ask for assistance! They can measure you properly and give you the right size and shape so you can be comfortable and confident.

-Get a tailor:

They can do wonders with ill-fitting clothes or with items that need to be repaired.

You can easily find a local seamstress or tailor that will help you transform your wardrobe.

Now that you know all my main styling hacks to look slimmer, have a look at the pictures below (they were taken just a few days' parts).

In the first, I was wearing a monochromatic outfit, with a pair of pointy toe, heeled boots and fitted jeans in a flattering shape for my body type.

In the second picture, I am wearing a slouchy turtleneck jumper in a bright orange colour that not only doesn't suit my complexion but is also contrasting with the navy of the jeans. The flat trainers are not helping me either.

I definitely look slimmer (and smarter) in the first picture when I am following all my little styling tricks. My legs are looking longer and the cardigan was hiding a bit of food bump whilst in the second photo, I look shorter and with a couple of kilos more!

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There you have it, now you know what to wear when you want to look slimmer!

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