Homemade chicken strips

Ciao, welcome back to my blog!

Today I am going to share with you a healthy fakeaway recipe to make during the lockdown: homemade chicken strips!

I am scared to say that I got used to being a recluse by now, I have developed my own rhythm and I am actually a bit worried to go back to real life when I think about it. Not that is going to be anytime soon...

I am nipping out only to grab a few things that I miss from the pantry but some of the items I need are a struggle to find. Eggs, yeast, flour...

Hoarders are making my life a bit difficult lately. So annoying! I wanted to bake like there was no tomorrow and now my creativity is stuck. Guess I need to do some research about alternative ways to cook.

Speaking of which, a few days ago, after a couple of weeks of self-isolation, I was suddenly taken by a morbid craving for McDonald's or any kind of fast food delicacy.

That is well weird because I don't usually fancy those kinds of things but clearly it was the first sign of intolerance to staying in.

I then decided we would have had chicken strips for dinner. I had a look in the fridge for some eggs and...none left. Damn it!

Eggs are the new toilet rolls apparently. More precious and rare than unicorns these days, at least in my area.

Well, I am not so easily discouraged. I looked up a recipe without the missing ingredients and I couldn't find anything inspiring and I almost gave up.

I started to scroll down my Instagram and I saw an IGTV from Antony Porowski (one of the Queer eye guys, love all of them). It was exactly what I was looking for! I gathered the ingredients and followed his lead.

All this faffing, just to let you know that this recipe is not mine, I am not going to take credit for that.

So basically plain yogurt can be a good substitute of eggs for frying and apparently it is used a lot in Middle East cultures to prepare fried food or even in baking.

I love the fact that the recipe still maintains the protein intake and that you can cook them in the oven rather than deep-frying which makes it guilt-free while keeping an amazing taste.

So thanks Antony, you are the best!

The sides:

Roasted potatoes and some paprika peppers, which I adore.

First, apart from washing them, you don't have to do anything else (lazy ass approved) and also the consistency once cooked is delightful.

You can literally do whatever you want with the leftovers if you make a decent quantity: they are amazing as a base for a pasta sauce, a great addition to any kind of salad or inside a sandwich.

I usually season them simply with some olive oil, salt and white vinegar. Soooo yummy!

That's why when I am using the oven I make sure to toss some inside as well: they are brainless and super versatile to reuse the leftovers as they will last in the fridge for a couple of days.


(Bell peppers are not as good for this, they are too thick and watery so they are better for other recipes.)


-2 chicken breasts

-a cup of plain yoghurt

-some fresh or dry dill

-some fresh or dry thyme

-a clove of garlic

-chilli flakes (optional)



-olive oil

-for the side:

-as many red paprika peppers you can fit in our oven tray

-2 potatoes


-I would normally start with the side first: the reason is that the peppers will release a lot of water in the form of steam once in the oven and you don't want your chicken strips to turn soggy.

-So, clean and peel the potatoes, chop them into cubes and add them to the tray (remember to cover the tray with some kitchen foil).

-Season them with salt, olive oil, pepper and thyme.

-Add as many peppers as you can fit in the tray and put everything in the preheated oven at 200 degrees on the middle shelf.

-Now it is time to prepare the chicken!

-Take the plain yoghurt and put it in a container or a bowl. Season it with thyme, chilli flakes, salt and garlic.

-Slice the chicken breasts into strips.

-Organise your workspace like so: yoghurt on your right, then a bowl with the bread crumbs on the left. Chopsticks are the best tools to be mess-proof if you are confident to use them.

If you have time, toss all the chicken strips in the yoghurt and let it marinate in the fridge for 30 minutes.

I couldn't wait because I was hungry so I did it straight away but it's fine.

-Put the chicken strip in the yoghurt, and stir well to let it coat nicely, then take it out and put it in the breadcrumbs' bowl.

-Repeat this process until you coated all the chicken strips.

-Place the ready ones on an oven tray. Take out the peppers and put the chicken inside instead: first on the bottom, after 10 minutes swap on the top shelf so they will turn golden.

-20/25 minutes in total and they should be nice and crispy!

Without the eggs, the colour won't be as golden as the regular ones, but the taste is super!

You can dig in with your favourite sauces: mines are mayo and sweet chilli!

That's the best Sriracha sauce ever, but if you want to make it yourself check this article: How to Make Homemade Sriracha Sauce

I hope you guys enjoyed this recipe!

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