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Hot fashion trends A.W.19/20 - Part 1

This year fashion has been very trend prolific and whatever your style is, you definitely will be sure to find what floats your boat as now more than ever everything is allowed!

Snake and animal prints

For accessories, bags and shoes this is the way to go this autumn/winter to make your normal look more interesting!

Are you feeling more adventurous? You can play with a total look or mix them up!

Puff sleeves

Huge trend of this summer, it is now updated into knitwear and long sleeved dresses/tops.

I have grown to like it because I think it's romantic but it can suit a minimalistic style as well.

Belt bags

This is one of the best ones for me as it combines practicality and style! I am on the hunt for the perfect one but I still can't decide, I love them all: leather, moc-croc, sporty, fluffy...

90s vibes

It is the main trend of the year and it has many ramifications:

-chain necklaces and chokers

-oversized fit

- high waist slim and mom jeans and trousers

-dad trainers

Tips: just choose the style icon you admire and get inspired by their outfits from the past! My favourites style icon?

Lady D, Cindy Crowford and Vivian Ward from Pretty woman.

Hiking boots

Absolutely indispensable for the London weather and its cold rainy days... they can be easily worn with trousers and jeans during weekends but they are also give a strong twist to a maxi dress or a pleated skirt.

Contrasts: bold total look and tonal outfits

No compromises here: either a bold and bright colour blocking total look, or a soft and chic ton sur ton outfit.

If you choose the first style, pair together complementary colours and opt for smarter pieces, like skirt + blouse or jumper + wide trousers and add luxury details such as satin pump shoes and shiny clutches.

If you like me are more keen on the minimalistic/casual side, then grab all your neutrals items: grey, beige, brown, navy or black. Choose one of them and play with its different muted shades to achieve a sophisticated monochrome look.

From Pinterest


Fluo splashes

The neon hues will survive after the summer: being a statement look, personally I think it's more wearable paired with neutrals and jeans. In my opinion, the best collection so far it's from And other stories.

Western and 70s vibes:

Long flowery dresses, cowboy boots, fringes and everything remotely western has been having a renaissance period lately. The prints and patterns in rich colours inspired by the 70s are the perfect combo to get a vintage and edgy allure.

A printed maxi dress + over the knees boots is a wonderful way of rocking this trend for a more modern and fresh look. Later on it will be perfect with a chunky roll neck jumper and a long coat.

In alternative, a classic distressed denim + belt + western boots keeping the rest of the outfit quite plain is also super cool.

Square toe

After the huge impact of the Bottega Veneta sandals on the high street brands, we will see a sunset of the pointy toe reign in favour of the square. It is not everybody cup of tea, I must admit, but I am sure we will get used to it. Surely very comfy.

Hair accessories

For all the queen bees and Blair Waldorf out there: it's your time to shine!

It's an inexpensive way to update your look and showing off the beautiful features of your face. For me this is a NO, NO...wearing glasses 24/7 anything on my head would just look too much.

I hope you enjoyed the first part!

I would love to know which trend is your favourite at the moment and which one you can't stand!