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Hot trend AW19/20 - part 2

As I mentioned in the first part, my aim here is to identify the main trends of the season and also how to style them. I am definitely going to rock some of them while others are still on my "maybe list" because are not entirely my cup of tea.

Baguette bag

I used to be the slouchy big bag kind of girl not so long ago, but I am absolutely loving the new small bags that the 90s vibe are bringing back to life. They are super chic and perfect to dress up any kind of outfit. They are a compromise between a cross body and a clutch and they can be very versatile, from work in the morning to date nights out. It is a good investment piece that I am sure will last longer than a season, especially if you choose a neutral colour to rotate it as much as possible.

Unexpected leather

I am not even going to mention the old good leather jacket.

This autumn, this particular fabric will be seen under a very special light as it has been transformed into a soft and luxurious alternative to keep boredom out of our wardrobe.

It can now have the form a beautiful accessory, a cargo trouser or a sleek shirt and I think it gives an element of elegant surprise that is far form the rock and roll effect that could scare the most conservatives among us.

Not a super affordable option I must admit, but we can opt for a vegan composition.

The high street has plenty of more eco-friendy items, or if you are a fan of genuine leather, spending some time looking for a vintage piece online or in the charity shops around you would be totally worth it.

Silk skirts

This trend has had a long life already and its charm continues unabated.

I love the contrast between the fabrics and the ethereal look that we can obtain with just a couple of changes.

It was one of my favourite pieces for summer, styled with a simple t-shirt and sandals and I will carry to wear the same skirts adding a chunky jumper on and a cool pair of boots.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than saving space in my small capsule wardrobe!


I struggled massively to keep my passion for cardigans secret in the past years when they were considered the worst possible item to wear: I am a granny inside!

Now that this lovely piece of knitwear is back into fashion, I won't loose any opportunity to show off my collection.

I will buy some more for sure: they simply the perfect staple item for autumn/winter.

I just can't go out with a dress and a thermal underneath. I am still Italian and below 20 degrees I will freeze.

On my wish list I have got a hips length, oversized and casual one,to wear with jeans and shirts; the other will be long as a robe and I will wear it with dresses.

Effortless chic!


I am super happy about it since I have always loved this fabric so much. I do have a cute a dress already and I can't wait to buy a jacket or a blazer to wear with jeans and maybe a skirt to pair with a cashmere oversized jumper.

Again a super feminine trend that can be a life saver when you want something classy but still practical. It is available on the high street in many other colour schemes rather than the traditional back and white: pastels, neutrals and all the shades of blue are a good alternative to mix with your items for a work wear look than can be easily worn in the evening too.


Corduroy in general is a not something that I would normally wear. I don't mind the stiffness of the fabric, but I personally find it a bit unflattering. It certainly adds you more weight on and I personally try to avoid it. It has its advantages tough: it will keep you warm and the colours are usually super autumnal. In small doses I might give it a chance this season!