Things I can't live without!

Ciao, welcome back to my blog!

Today I am sharing with you all the things, material and not, I cannot live without, in the metaphorical sense. Of course, I can survive without them, but they bring joy to my life and therefore I consider them vital for me.

I am not going to list the classic, rather obvious ones such as family because I think it is a bit pointless...

I spent some time meditating lately because I am in a phase where I don't really know what I would like to do "next" in my life and I kind of wanted to put pen to paper the things that matter the most to me, just to have a grounding base to start with.

I find meditation a huge help to find my inner voice and to know what path I should take when I am not sure of what I want.

To know more about meditation, check this great post:

Meditation: A simple, fast way to reduce stress

Very often I get stuck into my busy routine and as a consequence, I don't take enough time for myself to think and reflect on my goals and my future.

As a minimalist, I want to live a clutter-free life, but on the other hand, I find it hard to let go of some things and when that happens, I take my time to understand the real reasons behind my holding on to physical items.

By determining what is really important for me, I can see clearly where I am going and what I would like to do.

Cute clothes

I have downsized my wardrobe a lot lately but I realised in the meantime that I don't want and I can't live with only basics, purely functional items.

I need good quality clothes that I truly love and that make me feel pretty. Fashion is my biggest passion as getting dressed is a form of self-expression for me and I feel that owning only practical items (such as one black T-shirt, one pair of black jeans and that's it) will kill my creativity and the pleasure of getting dressed in the morning.

So I am trying to have a balanced approach to it, owing only to a limited selection of what "sparks joy" but that is also practical and that I wear often.


For the same reason above, jewellery is a crucial element to lift my mood and make me feel unique even when I am only wearing sweats.

I don't own a huge collection but everything I have is good quality and it is worn regularly, like the dainty hoops Mejuri kindly gifted to me.

They are exactly what I love to wear: beautiful, simple style and so comfortable that I can always sleep with it.

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Skincare products

My skin is very dry and sensitive so just soap and water won't be enough for me.

I definitely downsized my skincare collection (you should have seen my side of the bathroom drawer a few years ago!) as well as my wardrobe and I am now buying more from sustainable brands which offer no plastic packaging but I still need a decent skincare routine with several steps and good quality ingredients.

A beauty routine is also the perfect time to relax and to take care of my body.

These are the items I can't skip:

Micellar water to remove my makeup ( I don't use cotton pads but only a reusable microfiber cloth). I currently use the one below but as soon as I finish it I am going to buy the reusable pads from Face Halo (I heard amazing reviews from colleagues and friends who use them and I can't wait to try them!) that only require water to take off makeup as I would like to get rid of any plastic bottles.

A gentle cleanser to wash my day off and residues of makeup.

Hydrating moisturiser

I recently tried the Face theory brand and I can positively say that I am in love: their products are just amazing and they come in a glass jar with a metal lid so you can easily recycle the packaging. The best part is that they don't cost an absolute fortune!

The one below is formulated for sensitive skin and it comes also fragrance-free, which is a must if your skin is prone to redness and breakouts.

Almond oil or coconut oil to moisturise my the body after the shower (you can easily find them in any supermarket or corner store)

Shampoo bar: I am currently trying this new brand and I have to say that it smells incredible!

Soap bar for the body

I still wear light makeup from time to time and these are my basics:



-Pencils (black and brown)

-Lipsticks (red and nude)

-Lip balm for the cold windy days

-Red and nude nail polish

I am looking for more natural and plastic-free makeup alternatives so when my current ones are finished I will switch to something more sustainable. If you have any recommendations, please let me know!

The sun

I found out soon after I moved to London that living in a country where the sunlight is very limited was a huge issue for me.

I felt often depressed and little by little I developed several vitamin deficiencies. I prefer to buy less physical things and save more money to travel more from where it's hot.

I was extremely grateful for a long summer in London this year and I soaked up every single ray of sun during my furlough period.

The sea

I was born and bred by the coast, so living permanently in London now is pretty hard for me despite its many advantages.

I used to go to the beach in all seasons and all sorts of weather, so now that I don't have it close to me, I really feel the compulsion to visit places near the sea as often as possible to fight homesickness.

I am also thinking of moving out of London a little bit closer to the sea (Brighton area maybe) to curb my craving for a walk on the shore or a swim now and then.


I am both an introvert and an extrovert.

I enjoy introvert activities such as reading and writing and to spend some "me" time alone, however, I still feel the need to spend the same amount of time interacting with someone and I don't like staying alone for long periods of time.

That is the main reason why I am still working in retail and customer service despite its ups and downs.

Physical contact

I am not talking about sex here, what I mean is cuddles and innocent signs of affection to share with the people I love, such as kisses and hugs. Pretty inconvenient during a pandemic.

I am lucky enough to have an affectionate boyfriend who understands my needs and gives me all the emotional support possible but I still miss hugging my friends enormously.


I can't just function without it. It is the third thing I do in the morning (the first is going to the bathroom and the second is drinking a glass of water).

I own an espresso machine and preparing my beloved coffee or cappuccino in the morning is a sacred ritual I absolutely adore.

I rarely take my coffee out like 9 times out of 10 it is not how I like it, plus also it is more expensive and time-consuming.

My phone

It is basically an extension of my hand for the following reasons:

-Last-minute work updates

-Living abroad it is the only way I can communicate with friends and family

-My blog: I can write a new blog post whenever I feel inspired by my iPhone thanks to the Wix app.

-Social media: they help me promote my blog

Prescription glasses

My eyesight is so bad that I can't see absolutely anything without.

That's why I own two: one is my spare pair, in case the other breaks.

I also own a pair of sunglasses with prescription lenses and they are vital in the summer months. I don't like wearing contact lenses as my eyes are very dry and they are very uncomfortable for me.

A comfortable mattress

After a cheap purchase when my boyfriend and I first moved in together, I almost immediately found out that I can't live without having the right support when sleeping to stay healthy (I had atrocious back pain with the wrong mattress) and happy.

I believe this is a health issue more than just a decorative factor so I don't mind splurging for it.

Something sweet

Despite being careful with my diet, I am a sweet tooth and therefore I can't live without eating some sort of sweet food every day.

I try to make it as healthiest as possible, but I could never commit to any kind of Keto diet or exclude sweets out of my life completely. Fingers crossed I will not develop diabetes with age because I will die very soon.

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What are the things you can't live without?

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