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January super sales

If you were thinking that you left the spendy season behind you in 2019 with the last Christmas gifts...you were wrong!

You know that I usually suggest moderation in terms of splurging but now it is actually the best time of the year to shop.

It is true that nowadays there is always a promotion going on, mid season sales round the corner and offers of all kind basically every month of the year but January sales are when you actually buy the bargains and you shouldn't miss them.

Let me tell you why: you will find all the items from all the seasons discounted at ridiculous prices! Forget the sad "up to 30%" from Black Friday: we are talking about discounts from 50% to 70% almost everywhere.

I usually skip the mid season sales and every kind of "fake" promotion during the year and save every penny for this time of year.

I am not going to list the best brands and the percentage of discount they are up to now because literally everyone is currently at the cheapest prices you will ever find during the year. A little example? Monica Vinader is doing a flash sale on silver of up to 70%! Asos too is at their final reductions with up 70% off.

So think about your personal life style (don't look on the social media to what you should want...) and what would make your life easier.

Do you lack in warm items such as knitwear and coats?

Buy without hesitation! The coldest months of the year are still ahead of us and you will get a lot of wear out of them.

Were you waiting for the that trendy dress to be in the sale as it is not something you would wear everyday and you are afraid that next year it will not be so cool anymore?

This is the moment to buy it and make the most out of it!

Have you been craving a design item for months but you couldn't afford it full price?

Get the courage to invest your money in a timeless piece if it is something you really love!

Are you planning a winter holiday in a hot country and you don't have anything to wear?

You will find summery items for a fraction of the price right now. Bonus: if you choose well you can keep wearing them in SS20!

Do you need some good quality basics?

Have a look online and then buy them in bulge. You cannot possible regret basics such as underwear, jeans and t-shirts but you will regret buying them full price in a month when all the sizes will be gone.

Are you half way your foundation or night serum?

You better buy make up and skin care products now at a lower price, especially the luxury ones.

One of my favourite websites for beauty is Lookfantastic: their January sale is up to 50% and I have been buying loads of my favourite brands for less and I love that they offer free delivery at all times.

Another similar websites is Feelunique: they also offer up to 50% on luxury and high hand brands which is very convenient. They also offer free gifts if you spend a certain amount.

What about furniture and home wear?

The price tags there can be very high throughout the year so you won't find a better chance to save money.

Don't get me wrong: I am not encouraging compulsive shopping or spending more than necessary. I just think this is a smart way to save in the long run as I rarely buy full price.

I believe that it is better to reflect more than just a few days on what we would like to purchase. Just to see if it's only a crush or real love. If after a few weeks or even months I am still in love with the item then I will have it without risking to spend my money in something I won't use. I will definitely buy full price only if I desperately need the item at the moment and it is the only size left.

Most of what we are buying doesn't reflect the quality and the real value of the items that was probably made for a third of the price it has been sold for.

So maybe now you would like to know what I am buying in the sale?

I will tell you in my next post!

Have a lovely weekend folks and don't forget to read my Monday post!

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