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Leeks and mushrooms pasta

Pasta, the real love of my life: the perfect solution for a quick dinner.

As per usual this dish was one of my last minute "I don't know what to cook" situation.

I came home late after work and it was my turn to cook. I put on my ginormous hoodie on and my loyal checked apron, determined to create something quick and yummy as we were starving.

The fridge was actually lacking the green part, there were literally no veggies except for a big leek and a pack of chestnut mushrooms. Think, Alba, think!

I looked a bit deeper inside, hoping to find something more intriguing that would inspire my creativity (and I felt a bit like Bridget Jones looking for the "fucking tuna") when I suddenly remembered about the single cream pot I bought the week before. I kind of suspected that it was pretty close to the expiring date. I absolutely hate wasting food so I decided to put together what I thought would be a rather odd pasta dish.

It took around 15 minutes overall and I must admit that, despite the poor ingredients, it came out very tasty indeed!

It is also ideal for vegetarians and it could be edited for vegans swapping the cream with a cashew sauce.

I love how this leeks and mushrooms base is actually so versatile: it could be used for a risotto version as well if you fancy it. Instead of the single cream you can prepare it adding some vegetable broth and Parmesan cheese.

Or you can simply break some eggs on in it and make a wonderful frittata. Never be boring in the kitchen!

Ingredients for 3:

-500 gr of Fusilli pasta (this time I used the "Piccolini" Barilla which are smaller and they take only 5 minutes to cook)

-A pot of single cream

-A big leek (or 2 small ones)

-A pack of chestnut mushrooms

-Some dried mushrooms

-Dried crushed chilli

-Olive oil

-Fresh thyme leaves



-Start cleaning the leek, cut it in a half and remove the hard parts (the darker ends) and wash them well as they could have some soil/sand left inside.

-In pan add some extra virgin olive oil and some crushed chilli flakes.

-Put on a stove at medium heat and leave the oil to absorb the spiciness of the chilli.

- Chop the leeks rather thinly and toss them in the pan with a tablespoon of water.

-In a separate pot, bring some water to boil (lid on and salt it when the water is simmering, never before!)

-Start peeling the mushrooms and them chopped them roughly. Add them to the pan with the leeks and season with salt and pepper and add some thyme too.

-When the water is ready, add the pasta, stir it a bit and cover with the lid again.

-Pour some of the hot water from the pasta into a mug with the dried mushrooms: they will become soft in a few minutes and then you can add them to the leeks using the water to increase the flavour.

-When the pasta almost cooked (with a normal size pasta it will take around 8, max 10 minutes, with the small size one no more than 4) take a mug of pasta water and set aside.

-Drain the pasta from the water with a colander and add it to the leeks and mushrooms.

-Pour the whole content of the single cream pot into the pan and add a bit of the pasta water if it is too dry.

-Stir the pasta with the creamy sauce in order to mix well all the flavours but don't keep the heat on more than 60 seconds or it will overcook.

-Serve hot and add some pepper or top for an extra spicy twist!

Thank you for reading my post today, I hope you enjoyed it.

What is you signature "save the dinner" dish?

Let me know!

Next post, on Monday!

Have a lovely weekend :)

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