Eco-friendly living: more effective tips to reduce everyday waste

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Following the great success of my summer post about how to reduce waste, (you can read it here if you are new) I thought I would share with you some more tips and tricks I have recently learned to achieve a more mindful and sustainable living.

Some of them come from thezerowasteguide account I follow on Instagram, which I find deeply inspiring. I am so grateful they are sharing loads of super smart and useful hacks to minimise our waste on a daily basis.

You can also find functional and useful hacks to be more sustainable in this brilliant post from the Offbeat appetite blog:

21 easy steps you can take to live sustainably.

On top of that, my beloved grandmothers taught me some other great hacks and "how-to" when it comes to saving money or to live with less impact on the environment that I am going to share with you.


Use pulled or ripped tights to store onions instead (they will last up to 6 months).

Freeze fresh herbs with olive oil before they wilt.

Revive leafy greens in ice baths when they start to lose crispness.

Store kale in a glass jar with stems in water in the fridge to make it last longer.

Put a box in the fridge with the label "Eat me first" to remember which items are about to expire. This will also encourage you to be more creative in your recipes!

Keep onions away from potatoes as gases from the onions can hasten to sprout in potatoes, which should be stored inside a paper bag in a cool, dark, dry place.

Keep fruits and veggies separate to help them last longer: some fruits give off a gas called ethylene glycol which quickens ripening and may cause spoilage in some vegetables. Also, some fruits absorb odours from vegetables making them taste weird.

Soak citrus peels into vinegar for two weeks to make multi-purpose cleaner. Use an old spray bottle from a cleaning product before buying a new fancy glass one.

Use squeezed lemon to clean your dishes: it is amazing against fish and egg smell and it is super degreasing.

Put solid packagings such as yoghurt jars, beer cans or ketchup bottles and so on closer to the fridge back to avoid fruit and veggies to freeze and turn soggy.

Use very ripe fruit to make chia seeds jam in only 10 minutes ( click here to read my own recipe) or make healthy smoothies.

Keep rice water to rinse your hair instead of buying conditioner. It really works wonders as rice is super nourishing!

Use fruit and veggies scraps to make fertiliser for your plants

Eat fruit skin: it is good for you (only if you are buying organic though!)

Buy a big box of corn and make popcorn in the pan rather than buying the microwave single bags.

Eat cauliflower and broccoli leaves and chores: they are also good for you as they are packed with fibres and vitamins!

Revive stale/hard bread with water to make healthy recipes such as panzanella or soup.

Squeeze the juice from all your lemons to make lemon juice ice cubes for your drinks before they expire

Home and organisation:

Use old pillowcases instead of buying new plastic bags for loose food

Keep shoe boxes and/or parcel boxes to tidy up your drawers and wardrobe

Keep parcel bags to reuse when posting items you sold online.

Keep small glass jar to store dainty jewellery such as rings and earrings or tiny items

Put olive oil on your hair ends to prevent split ends rather than using store-bought masks: you'll save money, avoid plastic and nasty chemicals.

Use old T-shirts to make cleaning rags instead of using plastic sponges or paper towels.

Stationary: switch to highlighter pencils

Save furniture or home items in good conditions from the street, such as coffee tables, lighting and so on. 99% of the furniture I have at home are either second hand or items I saved from the street!

Don't throw away cut flowers: dry them to make potpourri!

Use clear nail polish on small holes in tights to prevent them from ripping.

Use an old T-shirt as a dressing cloth to avoid staining your clothes when getting dressed

More tips on how to be more sustainable in this article: "Sustainability challenge: the ATH editors go green for Earth Day"

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