January most loved products

Ciao, welcome back to my blog!

Today I wanted to share with you a selection of my favourite items of the month from what I bought, what is on my wish list!

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-Cacti book:

I don't have a garden, I don't have the time for it and I don't have much patience in general. Succulents are lovely and they don't require having the green thumb. This is the book I needed to take care of my babies.


- Leon fast vegan at 0,99 Kindle edition:

I was browsing for my next evening novel when I saw this deal. I am always looking for inspiring recipes without meat or fish and this is the perfect way to improve my vegan dishes' skills. I have already tried some of the vegan alternatives from Leon as I have one near my store and I was impressed. Can't wait to cook their core recipes on my own!

-Vampire Diaries on Netflix:

I am a big fan of the Twilight saga and I don't know how I could have missed this for so long. My days off are made of watching this series in bed with a blanket of snacks: all of a sudden I am a teenager again!


Typical Christmas snack in the UK, it is actually one of my favourites all year round. Last year I basically threatened the guy working in my local the corner shop that I would have stopped shopping there if he didn't have Twiglets available in the store the whole year. I know, I am a mean person.

An amazing alternative to crisps as they are lower in calories but great in taste!

-Caramel penguins from Hotel Chocolat:

Christmas might be over, but I can't get over these lovely penguins. I should eat only raw carrots if I want to go back to my jeans but I could die for these: they are so addictive! These are the most decadent (and cute) treat ever and they made my period less awful.

-Gua sha:

I recently saw it on Instagram and I was very curious about it as I already have the quartz roller and I love it. I checked the difference between them: apparently, the roller is more specific to reduce puffiness as it helps with the lymphatic drainage massage, while Gua Sha is a more like a fascial release massager.

The roller requires less manual skills whilst the Gua Sha needs your skin to be well oiled and it takes longer, as it is supposed to be mainly a relaxing tool and it could be used also on neck and shoulders.

They can be made of quartz or jade and I actually prefer the quartz because it is a cooler stone.

- Bright jumper:

In the picture below I am wearing a lemon yellow jumper from Oliver Bonas and despite my fear of bright colour against my skin, I do like it!

I am actually really thinking of buying it. It will jazz up my vast collection of neutral basics f0r once. It is great with a simple pair of jeans, however, I think it will be also cute with my black satin midi skirt!

-"Don't start now " by Dua Lipa:

I fell in love with her voice since "The one" and I like all of her songs, so obviously this is my favourite hit of the month!

-Sally Hansen powder room nail polish:

I received it as a Secret Santa gift from a colleague and I adore it! It last longer than my old nude nail polish and it looks super chic...My new favourite shade of nude with a pearl finish that goes really well with my usual ring!

Zooflora disinfectant:

I recently started to add a couple of drops of Zooflora in my homemade all-purpose detergent and the house smells incredible! It is cheap yet effective, and the range of scents is huge! Love, love love!

This is it, I hope you enjoyed the post and thank you for reading it!

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