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My most worn summer outfits

Ciao, welcome back to my blog!

Today's post will be a gallery of my most worn summer items.

This is an inspirational post for you, but it is also beneficial for me for several reasons:

  • to know what I have been using a lot during the summer (despite the lockdown) and what I didn't wear much and therefore I have physical evidence of what I need to declutter before the seasonal wardrobe change.

  • to see how my style has evolved and what key pieces I might need to invest into for the next year.

  • to check how many items I bought and how many of them are new or thrifted as I would like to be more sustainable and have less impact on the environment.

This post may contains affiliate links. I can make a small commission if you make a purchase through these links at no extra cost to you. This commission helps me maintain my website.

Linen trousers

By far my most worn bottom part this summer. This pair was old (two years ago) but I definitely would like to invest in another colour for next season as they suit my style perfectly. I found them chic and comfy, plus they literally are the most versatile trouser I have had as I easily wore them with all my tops.

Cream linen trousers:

Bermuda jeans

Another key bottom for me this summer: I am not really into short shorts in the city, I prefer to wear them only for my holidays so this were the perfect alternative for the heatwave days.

I basically just cut and old pair of black jeans and I am really happy of the result and that I managed to reuse something I already owned.

Black bermuda jeans:

Satin skirt (from Missselfridge, 2019 winter collection)

The most worn skirt of the summer has been also my most worn winter skirt!

I am obsessed with its cut and the satin fabric as being quite casual, it is a nice item that helps to elevate my style without effort.

I was thinking of buying a second hand one in a nude/bone colour to use for autumn and hopefully next summer too.

Black satin skirt:

Oxford shirt (Asos men's)

My go-to summer top along with my basic black and white T-shirts.

Honestly, it is a lifesaver. It worked so well with everything else and its lightweight, breathing fabric was suitable even for the warmer months. Bonus: it can be used as a jacket if you size up a bit (this one is my boyfriend's).

Oversize flowy shirt:

White or cream jeans

Staple summer jeans for everyone I reckon. They are a no brainer option that will make you look immediately more summery and the neutral colour will work with literally every top.

The skinny white ones are from H&M (last summer) while the straight leg cream ones are from River Island (the winter collection).

I do like to wear the latter in the autumn as well with a chunky sweater and boots so I will keep them in the wardrobe all year round.

High waisted organic cotton tapered jeans:


This summer I didn't wear my dresses much while in London, mainly because I didn't have anywhere to go.

The only one that saw the sunlight a bit more is my beloved mini white dress, perfect for the heatwave days.

Ebay: Zara cutwork short sleeve embroidered dress (pre owned)


I don't have a huge collection of accessories but I like to have only matching neutral colours that work with each other and that can be paired effortlessly with many outfits.

The majority of them are also non seasonal, such as the black bucket bag, so I will continue to wear them in the colder months too.

I tend to stick with the same brands, even when buying second hand most of the time so I can make sure that my style is always cohesive and coherent.

Most of the below have are at least one year and I got lots of wear out of them.

Being 9 hours a day on my feet, I usually invest a bit more money into footwear rather than bags as I need them to be super comfortable and I want them to be the best quality I can afford.


Straw bag

Black bucket bag: Oliver Bonas

Khaki crossbody: Oliver Bonas

Black high heels: Max Mara

Tan and mustard shoulder bag: Les Copains

Zebra mini bag: No label handmade from florentine artisan

Mustard suede sac: No label handmade from florentine artisan


Silver sandals: Oliver Bonas

White trainers: Oliver Bonas

Zebra loafers: Max mara

Tan oxford brogue: Zara

Khaki sandals: Oliver Bonas

Red court shoes: Zara


Gold jewellery is all I wear in Summer as I believe is terrific when tanned.

My favourite combo this year has been vintage chunky necklace, gold hoops and gold ring.

Overall, I am glad that I have been rocking most of my summer items despite the lockdown and that I managed to stick to my slow consumption plan, making the most of what I already have and buying less and in a sustainable way.

I feel my summer wardrobe is very cohesive now and I don't need to add much for the next year.

What I am going to declutter?

I am selling a few cotton jumpers in good conditions that I have not used much.

I also would like to donate my red court shoes. I still love them but I have been wearing them mainly to take pictures and when I actually worn them for a date out they are extremely uncomfortable.

What about you?

Have been able to wear your best summer outfits this year?

And which item have you worn the most?

Thank you for reading my post today, I hope you found inspiring and useful.

Have a great start of the week guys!