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Moussaka made with grilled veggies

Ciao a tutti! How are you guys?

Today's post will be about a typical and delicious Eastern Mediterranean dish: Moussaka!

I first tasted it in Romania and I immediately loved it as it very similar to the classic Italian lasagna. Instead of pasta sheets and the white sauce that we call "besciamella", it has grilled aubergines and boiled potatoes which make it more summery and super appetising!

The variation to the original recipe I did this time is to grill the potatoes as well as the aubergines. I know it sounds crazy but let me tell you: it was divine! It gave the whole dish a extra smokey flavour, typical of Summer dinners in the garden that I adore.

It is a rather long dish to make for my usual recipe time, which are usually under 30 minutes, but to be fair it is absolutely worth it, I promise!

On the other hand, the procedure itself is easy if you have some homemade ragou sauce ready (I have countless pots in my freezer that I needed to use asap).

That's what you need to do it:


1kg of ragout sauce

1 big aubergine

6 small potatoes (or 3 big ones)

Grated parmesan and cheddar

Warm up your grilling pan on the stove set over high heat.

Start peeling the potatoes and washing the aubergine, then slice them length wise. Remember that the aubergine will take only a few minutes to cook so you can slice them thick but try to slice the potatoes a bit thinner as they take more time.

Place them on the hot grilling pan until they will have the classic black stripes on both sides.

Drizzle an over tray with some olive oil and then place the first layer of grilled aubergines' slices, then add some ragout sauce on top, making sure that is spread evenly.

After the first aubergine's layer, add the grilled potatoes (if you can restrain yourself from eating some while making it...I obviously couldn't), cover with some sauce again.

Repeat the process twice and then for the last layer, after you spread the ragout sauce, sprinkle generously with the grates cheeses.

Now pop the tray in the oven on the middle shelf at 200C for 30 minutes.

The result should be more or less like below:

Enjoy warm or cold with a glass of good red wine! It is possible to keep it in the fridge for a day but no more than that as the potatoes will turn soggy somehow.

Thank you for reading my post again, I hope you liked it. I would be super happy if you could send me pics of the dish if you are doing it, and I will post them on my social media accounts!

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Have a lovely weekend folks!