My New year's resolutions

Ciao, welcome back to my blog!

Today I am sharing my New Year's resolutions with you.

Last year I didn't make a proper list because I felt it was pointless and that it was adding more pressure on my already super busy schedule.

2020 had been a messy year for sure, but it was surprisingly good for me: I had much more time for myself being furloughed for months and that allowed me to stop, relax and more importantly to reflect on my life and my goals.

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I also had the chance to do things I have always wanted to do but never had the time to before, especially lifestyle choices such as developing healthy habits and embracing minimalism ( check "my journey towards minimalism") and aiming towards a no-waste lifestyle.

I am not naturally a flexible person, I fear change and to fully get used to something new, I need to practice it for a while in a calm environment.

The lockdowns gave me something I didn't know I needed: time to unplug and revise my habits.

I didn't make major changes, but I managed to adjust a bit more my lifestyle to my values and beliefs, which I am extremely grateful for.

The list below is a mix of things that I started in 2020 and I would like to keep and improve in 2021.

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Be more sustainable

My mission for 2020 was to become more eco friendly and reduce my everyday waste and I am very happy with what I managed to accomplish.

I am determined to continue on this journey this year and to get better at it, always finding new ways to have less impact on our planet as there are still many areas of improvement (related post "the 7 everyday items I still buy in plastic packaging").

Swaps I made in 2020:

Disposable razor> Safety razor

Disposable tampons> menstrual cup

Shampoo and shower gel bottle> Shampoo bar and soap bar

Supermarket grocery shopping> local market (no plastic)

Consuming meat/dairy daily> reduced to 3 times a week, sometimes even less.

Bottled water> Filtered tap water

Buy bread, jam and oat milk> homemade

Paper towels> Napkins

Washing up liquid from the supermarket> refillable washing up liquid using an old dispenser

Laundry washing liquid/pods> Smol laundry capsules (no plastic)

Tea bags> loose tea

Kitchen/bathroom/glass sprays> homemade multipurpose spray (reusing old spray bottles) made with bicarbonate of soda, washing up liquid, white vinegar and tap water.

Candles/diffusers> aromatherapy steam with natural ingredients on the stove

Cotton buds>reusable silicone buds

Cotton pads>reusable bamboo pads

Countless skincare products in my bathroom cabinets> 1 cleanser, 1 moisturiser, 1 treatment (in glass bottles/jars with metal cap) from vegan and sustainable brands.

Responsibly decluttered my wardrobe and my home selling items on eBay/Gumtree and FB marketplace and donating the rest.

To know more, check this post: how to effectively reduce your waste and be more sustainable

More effective tips to reduce everyday waste


Reduce further meat and dairy consumption

Linked to point one, but it is also a health issue for me.

I just feel much better when I am fully pescatarian so I am going to do my best to make it permanent in 2021.

Keep working out regularly

Thanks to the pandemic I had more time on my hands, therefore I was extremely consistent this year. I really want this to continue as it was a major mood lifter and hugely beneficial to my physical and mental health.

Practice self-massage following the Chinese medicine acupuncture points

I recently got into Chinese medicine because my health has not been amazing and I couldn't find a cause with the traditional methods so I gave acupuncture and herbal remedies ago with a licensed professional. I learned how to stimulate acupuncture points to heal and reduce inflammation as well as slow down ageing.

Buy less, especially new

I didn't have the chance to shop as I would normally through my local charity shops so for 2021 I really want to go back to second hand ASAP.

Less Amazon or eBay, more local stores and small businesses.

Enjoy the present more

I tend to be a rather anxious person and I am currently working on it.

My priority for 2021 is to be focused on the present without allowing my mind to worry about what could happen in a hypothetical future.

I will do that by practising the slow living, which basically means being more intentional with our choices, and savouring the small pleasures of everyday life, eliminating the pointless "should" tasks from the calendar to concentrate as much as possible only on things that make me happy and healthy.

How can I do it:

Practising meditation to train my mind to stop wandering

Savouring homemade food without rushing and thinking what to do next

Reading before going to bed or in my spare time instead of mindless scrolling on social media

Walking in nature without listening to music, making sure to connect with my surroundings

Be connected with my body through massage and workouts

Save more money every month

I have been pretty good in 2020 despite being on furlough for more than 6 months, which meant -20% off my salary with the same expenses. This year I want to save even more if the whole Brexit/Coronavirus situation will allow it.

How can I do it:

Keep reducing things that are not essential

Buying more second hand and only what I really need

Start investing my money

Keep developing my writing skills and grow my blog

Writing had become one of my biggest passions and a great source of pleasure, so I would love to improve it further.

I simply do it for me and to clear my thoughts, rather than to make money or being popular on social media.

My small community of followers and readers has grown little by little and I am very happy to have digitally "met" lovely, supporting people so another of my goals is to maintain the connection with them and to expand my network.

Thank you so much for reading my article, I wrote it mainly for me but I hope you found some useful information and maybe some inspiration.

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Have a great start to the year guys!