Minimalist wardrobe essentials: how to shop

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In this article I am going to share with you my minimalist capsule wardrobe essentials: how to shop to avoid accumulating and what are my core pieces.

I used to be quite insecure about what looks good on me and, to be completely honest with you, and I still am at times.

Minimalism and creating a capsule wardrobe helped greatly to shop wisely and choose only what I really need and love.

I remember when I was in my 20s all I wanted was to experiment more in fashion but I would often found it challenging what my style was.

I saw an outfit or a particular item worn by someone that I admired, but somehow it wouldn't work on me.

With time, a minimalist approach and thanks to my retail job, I developed great styling skills and an eye for defining what suits me and others. I know how to create a personal style!

Pair prints and patterns with neutral accessories

How can you define what your signature style is?

These are the main things to consider to be aware of the clothes that represent you:

Know what your body shape is, what colours suit your complexion and what your lifestyle is.

To know more about that, check this post: How to find your own personal style and build the perfect capsule wardrobe for you

When you are sure about the above, then you can develop a shopping plan for you.

I have a basic and minimalist approach to fashion in general, but lately, I have been daring some bold prints and different shades of the colours that are flattering on me and I am really chuffed about the result.

The classic minimalist style (absence of colour, clean shapes, no accessories) it is not the right solution for everyone and it is possible to be minimalist without compromising with taste.

Online shopping vs traditional shopping

I have always preferred traditional shopping in real stores when you can actually touch the items, try them on in a fitting room, get a piece of advice from a competent sales assistant, however, online shopping is very practical as well.

The perks of shopping from the comfort of your home are unbeatable.

Whichever floats your boat, I would make sure to check the quality of the products you are interested in buying, such as the size measurements, the composition label, and to do some research about the price and the return policy.

What I prefer to buy online:










What I prefer to buy in a physical store:

-jeans and trousers






I do care about the environment and about other people, therefore I try to avoid fast fashion as much as possible.

I prefer supporting small local businesses or shopping with conscious retailers that provide high quality, ethically made garnments.

Alternatively, I also shop second hand and pre-owned clothes very often because it makes me save money and it is kinder on the planet.

Quality over quantity

A life change state of mind that I highly recommend to everybody: quality over quantity!

I am not saying to spend a ridiculous amount of money if you cannot afford it.

All I am advising when shopping is to look for the best quality you can achieve within your budget.

Shopping second hand is the best way to afford better quality clothes at a fraction of the cost and it is also kinder on the environment.

I deal with in in-depth in one of my articles about how to shop pre-loved items:

Durable and slightly more expensive items are to be preferred rather than a bunch of cheap and flimsy things.

It just takes a little bit more time and effort maybe, but it's totally worth it.

Same for accessories, I would always prefer genuine leather over PU (sorry vegans followers).

I am a fan of the capsule wardrobe for several reasons, therefore I would only buy an item if it goes well with pretty much everything that I already own.

That has always been one of my biggest stylistic faux pas when I was in my early 20s. I used to buy something because it was on sale or I really liked thinking that I could buy a matching item later on but in the end, I was just wasting time and money.

If what you are buying doesn't go effortlessly with the majority of clothes and accessories you've got already, chances are that it will sit neglected in your wardrobe. So no more impulse shopping!


If a piece of clothing is not comfortable there is no place of it in my wardrobe, and this is especially true with shoes as I stay on my feet for 9 hours a day.

The only exception is non-stretchy denim, where I can tolerate to feel "snug".

Excluding this area, I wouldn't wear anything too restrictive or that prevents me from moving with ease.


When I am browsing for clothes, one of my main key points to achieve a minimalist style is to consider how versatile an item is and how well it will go with what I own.

Having a simple wardrobe and a minimal style will improve the chances of making the most out of our clothes.

For instance, if I am on a hunt for a dress for a special occasion, such as weddings and so on, I would for sure pick something I would be able to wear again without problems in my everyday life.

This rule improved my style daily. I discovered that having items that are suitable for multiple occasions is increasing the number of outfits I can create, giving the impression that I actually own more than I have.

It avoids the classic feeling everyone has tried at least once in front of the closet: I have nothing to wear!

Matching style items that can be easily rotated will ensure you will never get bored and, for sure, you won't get stuck in the morning trying to put together something decent to wear.

Maximum of the versatility? Again: denim! Jeans and a white shirt with the right accessories are perfect for a relaxed working environment, for a casual but classy event as well as being the best choice for the weekend.

A simple denim shirt will dress down even the more elegant of dresses. It's the answer to all the style queries.

Neutral colours

Neutral, plain colours are my way to go when shopping for clothes and accessories.

Bold colours and patterns are fun and I am ok with them in small doses. I would usually pair prints and bright colours with my favourite neutral shades to tone them down.

As a rule, tan and black are the best choices. If you are a navy person you will see that they will go with blue as well. I am not afraid anymore of mixing navy and black (the chicest Parisian style). To break a too plain outfit a printed or a bright colour accessory would make the difference between a boring look and a captivating one.

Need some inspiration? Pinterest is my favorite website for it!

Accessories make the look

Accessories are in my opinion what ultimately makes an outfit amazing or sloppy.

One of my best tricks to be effortlessly stylish as a minimalist is wearing jewellery at all times.

Elevating my style with simple and timeless pieces of jewellery is the best way to look on trend without buying more clothes.

In the past, I was not wearing jewellery at all or I had just some tawdry costume pieces that were looking awful after just a few weeks.

Sterling silver and solid gold or gold plated jewellery are much a better investment. Wearing tasteful jewellery will give you a sophisticated, chic look even when wearing a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt.

Clever layering is the secret: a couple of necklaces of different length, two or more bracelets, a watch, a ring and a pair of earrings is the ideal combination for me.

To shop my favourite jewellery, click here

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Dress up and down

Casual way of wearing a pair of white jeans
Dress up your jeans with accessories and a pop of colour

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