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My shopping vade mecum

I have always been quite insecure about what looks good on me and I still am at times. I would like to experiment more in fashion but often I find it challenging. I see an outfit or a particular item wore by someone else and I try to get some inspo but somehow it doesn't really work on me. I feel that now in my 30ies I am definitely more confident because I am aware of what my body shape is, of what colours suit my complexion and what makes me feel myself.

At the same time, I think it's important to keep growing and evolving, so I have been pushing myself to be more adventurous and try new trends that at first might not be my cup of tea. I have a basic and minimalist approach to fashion in general, but lately I have been daring some bold prints and more colour to start with and I am really chuffed about the result.

Elevating my style with jewellery is the main achievement so far. In the past I was not wearing it at all or I had just some tawdry costume pieces that were looking awful after just few weeks while now I am investing in quality items. Silver and gold pleated are much better options that will give you a more sophisticated glow even when wearing a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt. Layer is the secret: a couple of necklaces, two or more bracelets, a watch, a ring and a pair of earrings is what I think is the ideal combination for me.

A life change state of mind that I highly recommend to everybody: quality over quantity! I am not saying to stay away from high street or to spend ridiculous amount of money if you cannot afford it. All I am advising when shopping is to look for the best quality you can achieve with your budget. Of course there are exceptions but in general I would prefer buying a durable and slightly more expensive item rather than a bunch of cheap and flimsy things. It just take a little bit more time and effort maybe but it's totally worth it. Same story for accessories, I would always prefer leather over PU (sorry vegans followers).

As I mention in previous posts, I am a fan of the capsule wardrobe for several reasons, therefore I would only buy an item if it goes well with pretty much everything that I already own. That has always been one of my biggest stylistic faux pas. I used to buy something because it was on sale or I really liked thinking that I could buy a matching item later on but in the end I was just wasting money and time. If what you are buying doesn't go with the majority of things you've got already, chances are that it will sit neglected in you wardrobe. So no more impulse shopping for me!

My everyday style

-Relaxed silk shirt: Pure collection

-Slim leg jeans: Pure collection

-Bag: Michel Kors

-Sandals: Oliver Bonas

-Necklace: Faye

-Sunglasses: Just Cavalli

Comfort is another crucial aspect, especially with shoes. The only exception is denim, because I feel that having perfect fitting skinny jeans is helping me to take under control my waist line. Being in between an 8 and a 10, I tend to buy a slightly smaller size in order to keep myself fit, as my tummy has always been my weakest point and where I very quickly put weight on.

Excluding this area, I wouldn't wear anything too restrictive or that prevents me to move with ease. Versatility is another key word when planning a purchase. For instance, if I am on a hunt for a dress for a special occasion, such as weddings and so on, I would for sure pick something I would be able to wear again without problems. This rule improved my style on a daily basis. I discovered that having items that are suitable for multiple occasions are increasing the number of outfit I can create, giving me the impression that I actually own more that I have. It avoids the classic feeling everyone has tried at least once in front of the closet: I have nothing to wear! Matching style items that can be easily rotate will ensure you will never get bored and for sure you won't get stuck in the morning trying to put together something decent to wear. Maximum of the versatility? Again: denim! Jeans and a white shirt with the right accessories are perfect for work or for a casual but classy event, it is the best choice for the weekend and a simple denim shirt will dress down even the more elegant of dresses. It's the answer for all the style queries.

Casual way of wearing a pair of white jeans

-Jumper: Asos men

-Jeans: H&M

-Shoes: Sketchers

-Glasses: Specsavers

-Necklace: Oliver Bonas

-Bangle: Oliver Bonas

Dress up your jeans with accessories and a pop of colour

-Black blouse: Ungaro

-Jeans: H&M

-Shoes: Zara

-Leather jacket: Zara

-Belt: stolen from my boyfriend

-Bag: Handmade from the artisans market in Florence

-Necklace: Faye

-Glasses: Max Mara

Neutral colours are my way to go when shopping. Bold colours and pattern are ok in small doses and paired with my favourite neutral shades (in my case warm and earthy tones). As a rule, tan and black are the best choices. If you are a navy person you will see that they will go with blue as well. I am not afraid anymore of mixing navy and black (the chicest Parisian style). To break a too plain outfit a printed or a bright colour accessory would make the difference between a boring look and a captivating one.

Needs some inspo? Pinterest is the best website for it!

Here some of the latest pics I saved to help me create a nice outfit:

Thank you so much for reading my post today!