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My weekly skin care routine

Life in London can be awfully busy and stressful.

This is something that you affect you skin sooner rather than later, especially if you are in your 30s like me.

The funny thing is that when I was still living in Italy my skin was completely different: it used to be quite oily and acne prone (mainly in the T area) and I didn't apply moisturise at all because they all made my skin feel even worse.

After a couple of months in England, it quickly became dry and not only in the winter, but in the summer as well. My nails are more brittle and my hair fall more. My GP said it is a lack of vitamin D caused by a considerably lower exposure to the sun light so I now need to get some supplements and be much more careful with my skin care routine, also due to the high levels of air pollution.

Along with a good night sleep (easier said that done here in a noisy city), staying hydrated throughout the day, eating plenty of organic veggies and fruits, enjoy the sun when it's possible with nice walks and workout sessions in the park in the warmer months in order to take care of the inside, I also invested in some good quality products for my skin.

This is what I usually do on a daily basis to keep my skin fresh and soft:

No matter how early I wake up, I always take my time to pamper my skin to have a nice and smooth base for my make up (which I rarely skip when I am working). This routine helps to reduce the amount of foundation and concealer and it makes it last the whole day.

This are the steps I follow with the products I am using at the moment:

I first apply with my fingers on dry skin Kiehl's Centella sensitive facial cleanser with circular motions and I rinse it with water.

I then dry my face with a towel and after I use the iconic Italian Robert's rose water as toner ( I love the smell! ) and I pat it gently with a cotton pad.

With my skin still slightly damp, I apply a couple of pumps of Kiehl's daily reviving concentrate serum and I spread it all over my face.

For me it's time to think about the first wrinkles unfortunately: that's why I choose Olay ultimate eye cream to de-puff and prevent dark circles. The under eye area is my weakest point as I already have signs of fatigue and sleepless night showing and I therefore apply a generous quantity.

I also bought a quartz face roller that helps alleviate this symptoms (and it feels like a SPA treatment). It is supposed to improve the lymphatic circulation so I usually keep it in the fridge to increase its power.

Last but not least: keeping my skin super hydrated during the day!

As mine is desert dry, I need Kiehl's ultra facial deep moisture balm as the cream was not rich enough. This balm is amazing and I don't feel my skin tight anymore.

Tip: I wait at least 15 min before doing my makeup to make sure the creams will do their effect and I also use a primer to keep my base super smooth.

You won't need to buy super expensive foundation if your skin is already perfect, on the other hand if it's not well prepared, the best make up will behave anyway like the cheapest high street brand!

Night routine:

Taking off my make up is essential and I never never skip this step even when I am really tired otherwise the day after my skin would look grey and dull.

I started to use micellar water for the first time in London even if now is super popular in Italy too.

I am currently testing the Nivea sensitive skin micellar water (no perfume) but I experienced that no matter how careful I am, I still find residues after (my mascara is pretty hard to take off).

To remove the last bits of it, I wash my face with La Roche-Posay Effaclair derma soothing hydrating cleansing cream. After I gently pat the amazing Robert's rose water toner with a cotton pad focusing in the under eye zone.

I opted for Kiehl's again as a night serum since their famous midnight recovery concentrate really do wonders! Plus, it smells divine and the lavender essential oils inside helps me to relax.

To lock in all the hydration I then apply Kiehl's ultra facial deep moisture balm, the same I used in the morning. I don't need to use a huge quantity of it, normally the top of a cotton bud will suffice.

Advice: I tend to do my skin care routine half hour before bed time because I want all the creams to penetrate deeply and I don't want to waste them on my pillow!

Weekly basis:

When I wash my hair (usually every two days) I like to do a gentle scrub to take London off my skin. The air pollution is quit tough here, especially due to the commute on the tube and having dead cell on my face won't let my moisturise to sink in. My favourite item is again in the Kiehl's family range: Pineapple papaya facial scrub made with real fruit extracts.


I like to give extra attention to my skin on my days off, therefore I would use something stronger to deeply purify it: I recently tried the American brand Malin + Goetz and I am obsessed with their clarifying clay mask! It is very effective and my skin is visibly more radiant.

After that I adore having one of the Korean OhK! face masks: they have a huge range for every skin type, the packaging are super cute, they smell nice and they make my skin incredibly glowy!

In alternative to the face masks, I would apply on my face some coconut oil that I regularly use to hydrate my body skin to improve elasticity.