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My weekly workout routine

Let's be honest guys, I am not a fitness addict, I am not obsessed with it and surely I don't wait my cardio session like it was Christmas. I just think that it's necessary, like brushing your teeth after lunch, eating healthy and a good night sleep. It's crucial for all of us to function well now and in the long run.

My routine has evolved massively in the last years following the rhythm of my life. My best shape was 3 years ago, in a moment of huge personal changes when I was using workouts and fitness to disconnect my brain from all problems. I used to run 10 km at least 3 times a week and in the other days I was anyway doing a total body workout at home.

Now that I live in London and I work full time 5 days a week, I obviously had to review my fitness schedule.

My current job has shifts that allow me to be more consistent with it and find 20 minutes to move my body is not a challenge anymore.

I try not to stress out myself if by any chance I skip one as the following day I normally can catch up easily.

It's helping a lot that my boyfriend is a breakdancer and he motivates me to keep fit and to variate more my exercises.

When we moved together we decided to invest in some equipment to avoid going to the gym and to have a healthy hobby to do as a couple so we currently have multi function home gym machine in our living room instead of a sofa and tv.

We also have a curved bench for ABs training, some weights for lifting exercises, and some elastics that we use for stretching and for low impact resistance exercises.

I usually to do short but intense sessions of 20 or 30 minutes because I prefer to workout more often rather than doing a long one and then feeling terribly sore for 3 days in a row.

Only if the weather is nice, on my day off I like to go to park with my boyfriend and do a longer workout using the gym machines available there.

This is something I adore of London: if you can't afford a gym membership (and you don't want to sacrifice you living room like we did) you can definitely have a good workout in your local park as many of them have a free outdoor gym section. They are usually well kept and you can find any sort of resistance-based machines suitable for both beginners and pro. You can get a low-impact mix of cardiovascular, toning and strength training free of charge.

If you don't know how to use them, you can read the instructions written on it or just Google the name of the machine to find tons of handy tutorials online.

Social media and internet are an inexhaustible source of tips and printable exercises lists and I frequently download the ones I am interested to try, so now I have a big archive with plenty of options. I tend to change often to keep challenging my body and that's also a way of avoiding boredom.

My favourite websites are:


-Instagram accounts

-You tube for HIIT workout videos


Equipment required:

A nice workout set, sunglasses, ear cuffs on with energetic music, a towel, a bottle of water and we are ready to start!

I usually start setting with 15 min of stretching just to warm up and prepare my muscles:

After that I usually do up to 10 min treadmill to force my body to start sweating and keep my heart rate up.

Now it's time to use some of the machines available.

-Chest press: 15 X 3 series.

-Shoulder press: 15 X 3 series.

-Leg press: 20 X 3 series each leg. I don't do it with both legs because the machine doesn't have weights and it's using my body therefore I would not be enough for me.

- Bench: sit ups and crunches, 15 X 3 series each.

Then finish with some cardio exercises such as jumping jacks, high knees and jump squats again 15 X 3 series each.

During the week I would chose to train just a part of my body.


Upper body:

-Chest machine: butterfly 10 X 3 series with 10 kgs

-Cable pull throughs 10 X 3 series with 10 kgs

-Pulldown 10 X 3 with 10 kgs

-Biceps 10 X 3 with 5 kgs each arm


Lower body:

with the home gym machine:

- Seated leg curls 15 X 3 series with 10 kgs

- Single leg calf raise 15 X 3 series with 5 kg

No equipment:

-Bent over lateral single leg raises 15 X 3

- Donkey kicks 15 X 3

-Fire hydrants 15 X 3


Mid section:

I would use one of the printable charts that I have previously downloaded such as:

When I am not in the mood for working out because I don't feel well or maybe I have my period I would just do some yoga or stretching to keep my body flexible.

I would love to know about you too!

Is anybody working out? If yes, what kind of training are you doing?