The 9 best items to buy for Spring

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I am aware this is a tough time for everybody and probably you might think I should talk about it but no, I won't.

I am not a health expert and, frankly, I have no clue of what is going on. I also believe that the majority of people, including our rulers, have no idea of what to do.

In order to escape a bit from the seriousness of the situation, I believe it is better to cheer us up a bit with something frivolous, like planning our Spring 2020 wardrobe.

We will probably have loads of time to do so in the next few weeks and spend much more than we should on online shopping.

In this post, I am sharing with you what I have on my wish list for the next season.

I am looking for classic, timeless pieces that will go effortlessly with most of my current clothes. I also would like to treat myself with a couple of quirky items just to jazz things up a bit and avoid looking like a grandma but they are not my priority for the time being.

That's how I plan my S/S shopping list:

I look at what I own first.

I have already a good range of basics to start with, a neutral colour palette wardrobe: t-shirts (black, white, grey), some long sleeves tops (a stripe black and white, blush, burgundy, taupe, brown, black and navy) that will rotate on my jeans and skirts very easily.

I have a couple of cute floral dresses and some lightweight outwear. To accessorise my outfits, I will use my summery bags and a couple of belts.

The gaps I have got are mainly alternatives to switch my outfit into a smarter look.

Now, let's dive in: I am going to show you the 9 best items to buy this Spring!

1)Black loafers

Shoe-wise I own an old pair of lovely tan oxford shoes from Zara that I always wear very often when it's mild and two pair of trainers that I would wear mainly with skirts and dresses.

That's why I am going to invest in a good pair of classic black loafers. They will be suitable for my favourite outfit combo: jeans + t-shirt or blouse. They can easily elevate that simple look making like I have made an effort. A good pair of loafers is also ideal for the next autumn, which is a bonus.

That's the main reason why it is one of the best items you can buy: it is the kind of shoe that will never date.

My favourite brand is Office, their prices are reasonable and it's genuine soft leather (no blisters!). They have a huge range to chose from and they also have several colours if black is not flying your boat.

While I was browsing for this post I ended up buying them: I couldn't resist. They embody exactly what I was looking for: minimalistic and with gold hard wear.

2)Classic trench coat

I used to have a lovely designer trench coat years ago but I wasn't wearing it so I decided to donate it. Big mistake. Now I am regretting it very much.

Also, London is quite rainy in April so I learned to my expenses that a good quality trench coat, especially a long one, it's a must-have.

I am currently on a hunt for another trench coat and I really want to invest in the classic beige/tan and it is going to be second-hand: there are amazing pre-owned options at a fraction of the price of the new ones and better quality.

Some of them are literally brand new with the tag still on so I am definitely going to play a lot with bids on eBay real soon. If the second hand is not your cup of tea, Mango has the best selection at the moment in my opinion: good value form money as they are all under 100 quids.


Shackets are a huge trend at the moment and I love them. They are practical and they work well with my casual style.

I think they are among the 9 best items to buy for Spring because they are easy to style and useful when layering.

I am going to invest in a denim shaket first as it is one of my biggest gaps in the wardrobe and I know I will wear it to shreds. I do have a charcoal denim shirt but it is cropped and it has a very feminine cut, while I wanted something a bit more relaxed.

A cute denim shaket would go so well with all my clothes and it will dress down even the smartest look. I really like this one from Asos as it is longer (being from the tall collection) which is the kind of vibe I am looking for.

4)Black cat-eye sunglasses

The black cat-eye sunglasses are another big staple pieces to own to achieve a classic and chic look effortlessly.

I currently have a mirrored light blue pair but I feel the need to upgrade to the more classic one, plus, the cat eye is definitely the shape that suits me the most. Very Audrey Hepburn.

Speaking of which, I am currently looking for the baby Audrey Celine sunglasses on eBay. Let's see if I am lucky enough to find a pair in good conditions. If not, I could opt for a tortoise pair instead. I know it might suit my complexion more but for the time being, I am attracted more by the black so fingers crossed for my search.


The cardigan was considered a granny-looking knitwear piece to own until a couple of years ago, but now it popped back into fashion.

Cropped cardigans, oversized cardigans, boucle cardigans, sleeveless cardigans, wrap cardigans, they are literally everywhere!

A cute cardigan made out of natural fibres will be by far one of the best pieces you could buy this Spring as they are a great layering piece to add to your wardrobe.

I already have two: a navy lightweight, V neck cashmere cardigan and a chunky knit cardigan in khaki.

Knitwear is still a big part of my spring wardrobe due to London's unpredictable weather so I think I will need also a long, boyfriend cardigan, maybe in a light neutral colour. Having a cool cardigan sweater to throw on if the temperature suddenly drops is crucial to me.


I already have 3 blazers in my wardrobe, but a well made, a good quality blazer is always a good idea.

It is imperative to have at least one black blazer, better if two: a simple day blazer made out of wool or viscose and another evening blazer in a shiny fabric or a smarter cut.

Then invest in another blazer in a neutral colour that will work with everything in your wardrobe.

I usually wear blazers all year round, therefore I need them to be in several different cuts and fabrics.

In Spring I would wear my winter blazers with a blouse and my lightweight blazers with a thin jumper underneath.

A checked blazer in a neutral light colour is also a great choice as it will add interest to my plain clothes.

For the colour lover fans reading this post, a fun blazer in a pastel shade is also a nice alternative as it will look fresh and modern paired with jeans and trainers.

7) Mini smock dress

I wear a lot of short dresses in the spring/summer and I am in love with the boho-chic look of the smock mini dress that is in trend at the moment.

They are super comfy and flowy on the body, showing the legs without looking slutty.

The mini smock dress is the perfect choice for those who don't wear heels as it looks cute with boots and trainers too. I would normally opt for a printed smock dress with a black background that could be worn with tights in the winter to make the most out of it.

8)Green midi dress

Green is the colour of nature and hope, and it is one of the biggest colour trend this Spring, especially in the mid-tones shades like sage and khaki.

A green midi dress is a versatile choice for work that will still be suitable for the weekend and date nights.

It is extremely easy to style both with heels and a blazer for a smart occasion but it will be modern and fun simply with what everybody has in their wardrobe: trainers and leather or denim jacket.

9)Tailored trousers

A flattering pair of tailored trousers in a neutral colour such as black, navy or beige is an absolute must-have in every women's wardrobe. It can be stylish either in a casual outfit, with trainers and knitwear as well as in a smart look, with blazer and heels.

A pair of tailored trousers are a great bottom piece that helps to elevate everyday knitwear too when working in a relaxed environment.

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I hope you guys enjoyed my post about hot items to buy for Spring and hopefully you didn't think about where to find toilet rolls for a couple of minutes.

Did you do a wish list for the approaching next season? I would be very happy to know what are thinking of buying.

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