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One pot mushrooms ciulama'

Ciao, welcome back to my blog!

Today's recipe is a delicious Romanian mushroom dish called Ciulama'.

My boyfriend cooked for me a few days ago and I felt in love with it: it's creamy, warming, super tasty and deeply autumnal.

It has the texture of a thick and rich soup but it is actually a completely vegan second dish.

I love mushrooms of all kind so it definitely floated my boat and I decided that i wanted to try and replicate it on my own.

Ingredients for two:

200gr Champignons

200gr Oysters

200gr Shitake

200gr Finferli (or chanterelles)

Two tbs of extra virgin olive oil

Thyme (either dried or fresh)

Dill (either dried or fresh)

Fresh parsley (a small bunch thinly chopped)

A red onion

Two cloves of garlic



Two tbs sieved flour

500ml of vegetable broth

Optional: double cream or greek yogurt to serve

Start cleaning the mushrooms: never with water (it will wash away their flavour); take any dirt off gently with a brush or a tissue.

While cleaning them, make the broth so it will be hot and ready for the next step.

Then chop the mushrooms into tiny cubes with the help of a sharp knife.

Chop the garlic and the onion thinly, drizzle a pot with olive oil and add them. Set on on high heat and let them simmer for a couple of minutes, until the onion turns see-through and soft.

Incorporate the piping broth and the sieved flour little by little, mixing well with a wooden spoon.

In case of lumps, use a kitchen whisk.

The right texture should be more or less the one below:

Time to add the chopped mushrooms in the pot: oyster first, as they a bit more chewy than the rest.

Add some salt, pepper and the herbs to the pot and mix well.

It will look like there is not enough broth at the beginning but the mushrooms will release some water while cooking so don't worry.

Cover with a lid and let them simmer or medium heat for 30/40 minutes.

Check the pot every 10 minutes to stir them and to prevent the mushrooms from sticking.

When it is ready, I like to add some fresh parsley on on and serve warm with a slice of good sourdough bread.

There are two ways of enjoying this amazing dish: as it is or with the addition of some double cream or greek yogurt to add extra richness to it.

I recently found a vegan oat cream that I adore, it is from the oatly brand.

I must say it is excellent either way.

Thank you for reading my post today, I hope you liked it.

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Have a lovely weekend all!