One pot butternut squash and mushroom risotto

Butternut squash and mushroom risotto

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In this post, I will show you how to make delicious one-pot squash and mushroom risotto!

With the summer over and the temperatures dropping I like to come back to the warm Italian dishes from the Tuscan tradition and this delicious risotto recipe is perfect for the transitional weather.

I like to make it a bit more special with the addition of some healthy spices that will give it a nice golden colour too.

The Italian "Risotto alla zucca", meaning squash risotto, is a simple one-pot dish to taste with a good glass of red wine when it's raining outside.

The addition of the porcini mushrooms will add texture and flavour to the risotto making it super satisfying and fragrant.

If you increase the quantity of the ingredients, it would be an excellent and healthy work lunch for the following day.

Here in London, it is easy to find seasonal organic butternut squash, which is usually quite cheap, for the whole autumn-winter period.

If you want to know more about the benefits of this amazing fruit, this is an interesting article for you:

I prefer to use organic ingredients when I can because they taste some much better and I feel like I am helping the environment and the local economy when I am buying from the small organic farmers out of London (the famous Italian "km 0") instead of importing stuff from abroad.

Personally, I found an incredible difference in taste and the prices sometimes are not so high if you spend time looking for small grocery shops in your area.

Ingredients for 2:

-Half butternut squash

-50g of dried porcini mushrooms

-3 fresh Portobello mushrooms

-A pinch of chilli flakes

-200g of arborio rice (the best Italian one is from Lidl)

-a stick of fresh rosemary

-3 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil

-1 cube of vegetable stock

-A tablespoon of soy sauce

-Half red onion

-A small shallot

-A clove of garlic

-A pinch of turmeric

-A pinch of saffron

-50g of Parmesan cheese

-1 tbsp of butter

-Put the kettle on at max capacity.

-Prepare the squash first as it needs to cook a bit more than the mushrooms.

Peel the onion, the garlic and the shallot and cut them into dices or thin slices.

Remove the skin from the squash, slice it and cut it into cubes.

-Put a generous spoon of extra virgin olive oil in a large pot and add the veggies and some rosemary. Let it cook covered with a lid on for at least 5 minutes stirring now and then.

-In the meantime add some hot water in a mug with the dry mushrooms and let them soak for 10 minutes.

-Clean and peel the skin of the fresh mushrooms.

Cut them into slices and add them to the pot. Season with some soy sauce and a pinch of crushed chilli to add a spicy twist.

-Add the rice and stir the mixture to mix well all the flavours.

-When the dry mushrooms are soft again, add them to the pot including their water (it will give a nice taste and texture to it) and add some vegetable stock with more hot water from the kettle.

It’s also time to add the spices: a pinch of turmeric and saffron. I don’t usually add any salt because the stock contains some already and because I used some soy sauce at the beginning but if you feel like it won’t be enough, you can add some now.

At first, it will look like a soup as the water will cover it all, but in a few minutes, the rice will grow and absorb all the water.

-Keep it covered with a lid but stir now and then to prevent the rice to stick to the bottom of the pot.

When it becomes the water from the broth has decreased and the rice is creamy, take off the stove and add a tbsp of butter and 50g of Parmesan cheese.

Stir well until the cheese has melted evenly: this process is called mantecatura and it is the crucial step that makes the difference between obtaining a bowl of rice and risotto!

Serve hot and enjoy!

Butternut squash and mushroom risotto

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