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Pea soup

Hello everyone! How are you today? Are you ready for another recipe? This one is truly great as it is very easy to make as well as super quick! No time to lose here!

That's the perfect transitional dish ideal from winter to spring or from summer to autumn as it can be served warm or cold. It is also suitable for vegans!


-Garlic 2 cloves

-Frozen petit pois peas 200gr (half bag)

-Half tropea onion

-A small bunch of parsley

-3 small or 2 medium potatoes

-Vegetable stock

-Lovage 100gr

-Coconut milk half can

-Olive oil 2 spoons


-Chilli flakes to serve

-Sesame seeds to serve

-Brown wheat bread

-Put the kettle on to boil 1l of water. In the meantime chop the lovage and parsley with half of the stalks, the garlic and the onions.

-In a large pot pour the oil and let it warm for a 30 sec and then add them.

-Now clean and peel the potatoes, chop them in small cubes and add them in the pot too.

-Let it cook for 10 min and after you can add the petit pois peas. Again let it cook covered with a lid for 10 min stirring every now and then.

-Add now the water and the stock. Let it cook another 8 min (the colour should stay bright green: the peas shouldn't turn dark).

-You can mix with a blender when the potatoes are soft and at the end you can add the coconut milk.

-Toast some bread and add it to the bowl.

Finishing touches?

I love to serve it with some crushed chilli and white sesame seeds on top for a spicy twist.


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