Easy vegan pea soup with lovage

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Today I am going to share with you one of my staple healthy recipes: an easy vegan pea soup with lovage.

What is lovage?

For those who are not familiar with lovage, it is a delicious and underestimated herb, which is considered a superfood in the now Sirt diet.

"Lovage, a member of the parsley family, is a widely-used herb in parts of Europe and southwest Asia. It’s an extremely versatile plant possessing flavours of both celery and parsley but much stronger. Lovage is delicious and also extremely high in the sirtuin-activating compound quercetin and is one of the main ingredients of the Sirtfood Green Juice. Lovage offers a number of health benefits including supporting kidney health, fighting harmful organisms and supporting joint health." from Lovage -A Sirtfood With Benefits

Lovage is greatly used in Romanian traditional cuisine, while it is not common in Tuscany, however, I learned to love it and I now frequently use it to give a unique twist to many dishes.

Lovage is a great herb to add to any kind of soup and stews to give them a unique twist. I usually order it fresh from Scotland from Real foods online or Nick's mom sends use a big jar of dried one from Romania.

I really enjoyed the contrast between the strong flavour of the lovage and the delicate taste of the peas and the potatoes.

A vegan soup is always a good idea: it is healthy, detox and easy to make as you usually need fewer ingredients. I am determined to experiment more with vegan recipes as well as vegan food as it is simple and less time-consuming.

The main difference between a classic pea soup recipe is that is dairy-free, which makes my life easier as coconut milk can be stored for longer and I don't have to think about the expiry date.

This vegan pea soup is a perfect transitional dish, ideal from winter to spring as it can be served warm or cold.

I used frozen peas for practicality, however, you could use either split peas or fresh peas once in the season.

A vegan soup is always a good idea: it is healthy, detox and easy to make as you usually need fewer ingredients. I am trying to be dairy-free and to experiment more with vegan recipes as well as vegan food as it is sometimes simple and less time consuming

Among the vegan soup recipes, this is by far one of my favourites: it is a nourishing yet balanced meal option, that will keep you full for hours thanks to the addition of the potatoes, which also gave extra creaminess to the soup.

Creamy pea soup

Ingredients for 2:

-Garlic 2 cloves

-200g or half a bag of frozen petit pois peas

-Half red onion

-A small bunch of fresh parsley

-2 medium potatoes

-One cube of vegetable stock

-100g of fresh lovage

-Half can of coconut milk

-2 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil

-Half teaspoon of salt

-Chilli flakes to serve (or black pepper if you prefer)

-Sesame seeds to serve

-Brown wheat bread to serve

-Put the kettle on to boil 1l of water. In the meantime chop the lovage and parsley with half of the stalks, the garlic and the onions.

-In a large pot pour the oil and let it warm for 30 sec and then add them.

-Now clean and peel the potatoes, chop them into small cubes and add them to the pot too.

-Let it cook for 10 min and after you can add the petit pois peas. Again let it cook covered with a lid for 10 min stirring now and then.

-Add now the water and the vegetable broth. Let it cook for another 8 min (the colour should stay bright green: the peas shouldn't turn darker).

-You can mix with an immersion blender when the potatoes are soft and at the end, you can add the coconut milk.

-Toast some bread and add it to the bowl.

Serve it with some crushed chilli and white sesame seeds on top for a spicy twist.


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