Creamy spaghetti with red peppers' sauce

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Today I am going to share with you how to prepare creamy spaghetti with red peppers' sauce!

This mouthwatering spaghetti recipe is super easy to make and it will be ready in less than 30 minutes, which is brilliant!

I consider it to be a summer recipe because despite that we can find red bell peppers all year round, they are actually a summer vegetable.

A creamy pasta sauce is a smartest and quickest solution if you have some single or double cream that is about to expire in the fridge.

Bear in mind that, in order to make an excellent pasta dish, the quality of the pasta has to be high. Actually, the quality of the pasta is everything.

I have used De Cecco spaghetti and I know that they would have been delicious with just a drizzle of olive oil.

On the other hand, cheaper pasta brands and in general, non-Italian pasta brands, will be cooked in half of the time and then guess what?

They will turn into a sticky and chewy pasta ball: the only thing you could do with it is a surrealistic art collage for your children.

Please, make yourself a favour and buy only Italian pasta.

In the worst scenario, opt for rice/egg noodles. They will be a bit more challenging to mix evenly with the sauce (add more hot pasta water to fix that) but always better than, I don't know Morrison's pasta.

Speaking of pasta, if you like spaghetti check out this yummy recipe I made:


for 4 people:

-500g of spaghetti De Cecco (or any good Italian brand)

-3 red and/or orange bell peppers

-2 paprika peppers

-2 cloves of garlic

-1 tub of double cream

-a teaspoon of salt

-a pinch of chilli flakes

-Since the sauce is super quick to make, start bringing the water for the pasta to boil. We will also use it while cooking the peppers.

-Toss the sliced peppers inside and let them cook on high heat for 5 minutes. Cover the pan with its lid to retain moisture.

When the pasta water is boiling, add some salt, stir well to melt it and then toss the spaghetti inside.

The instruction on the package says that the cooking time is 12 minutes but we will drain it at 9, max 10 minutes to keep it "al dente" (slightly uncooked inside) because we will fully cook them together with the pepper's cream later on.

-Wash the peppers, place them on a wooden board, cut them in a half and take off the stem and seeds. Slice them rather thinly.

-Prepare the base for our pepper sauce in the pan: drizzle two tbsp of extra virgin olive oil on it and add the garlic and the chilli flakes. Set on high heat and let it warm up for a minute, in order to let the base for the sauce release all its flavoursome aroma.

-Take the lid off the pan and add a ladle of salted pasta water on the peppers, and let them cook for another couple of minutes.

-When the spaghetti are almost ready, we can blend the peppers with the help of a hand lander or food processor.

-Remove the cooked garlic, set aside a few peppers slices to garnish, and pop the rest in a tall and narrow bowl. Blend them with the double cream to obtain a rather thick cream.

-Season with salt (be more generous than you would normally be as the cream is usually rather sweet) and if you want you can also add extra chilli flakes.

-Now is the time to drain the spaghetti! A good practice is to spare some pasta water in a cup, to lose the sauce in case it is too dry.

-Add the spaghetti and the pepper's cream to the pan and stir well in order to let the pasta absorb the sauce evenly.

-Add the pepper's slices you put aside previously to garnish the dish and enjoy!

The result should be more or less this one:

I like my pasta to drown in the sauce, so then I can mop it up with some bread at the end but this is just my personal taste!

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