Roasted chestnuts and mushrooms risotto

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Today I will share with you a super autumnal risotto recipe with roasted chestnuts and mixed mushrooms that is perfect for this rather cold and foggy weekend.

It is a tasty vegetarian recipe you can easily do under 30 minutes and if you double the ingredients, it can be stored in the fridge for a couple of days and reheated in the microwave.

It is simple to prepare, so don't be scared from the long list of ingredients and the several steps.

Anyone can do it without too much effort!

I am a huge lover of chestnuts and my favourite way of eating them is by roasting them on my cast iron grill pan: they really are close to the ones my granny used to make on the open fire in the cold autumn evenings after me and my family came back from the fields after picking olives the whole day.

It was such a treat!

You can find the best recipe to roast chestnuts here:

How to roast chestnuts in a cast iron grill pan

My recommendation when you buy them is to opt for the big ones called "marroni": they are easier to peel after cooking them and they are also nicer.

The small ones are also very tasty, but it is a nightmare to peel the skin off once roasted.

Having made a big batch last night, I decided to spare some to make this mouthwatering risotto today.

I am using a mix of my favourite seasonal mushrooms: chestnuts, shiitake (you can actually find them all year round) and dried porcini my mum kindly sent from Italy a few weeks ago.

I always prefer to utilise more types of mushrooms as in my opinion, the diverse texture and taste bring more interest and flavour to the dish.

Tips: never wash mushrooms because they will lose much of their scent and as a result, they won't taste as good.

Use either a brush, a cotton cloth or a paper towel and take off any dirt or soil left on them before chopping them.

Ingredients for 3:

200g of rice

150g roasted chestnuts

250g chestnut mushrooms

250g shiitake mushrooms

30g dried porcini

One red onion

Half glass of dry white wine

1l vegetable broth

50g salted butter

1 tbsp dried juniper berries


80g Brie

2 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil



First of all, make the vegetable broth and when it is piping hot, lower the heat and add the dried porcini to revive them.

Prep your risotto base: drizzle some olive oil in another bigger sauce pot and then add chopped onion. Set on high heat and let it cook for 3-4 minutes until the onion becomes transparent and the flavour starts to fill the air.

In the meantime chop the mushrooms roughly to preserve its texture as they will shrink considerably during the cooking process.

Add them to the pot, including also the now juicy porcini from the broth that you can fish with the help of a skimmer.

Season with salt, pepper, the crushed juniper berries and thyme to your taste.

Let it cook for 5 minutes.

When the mushrooms are softer, add the rice to the pot and stir again to allow the flavours to merge.

After a couple of minutes add the white wine to the pot and let it evaporate (it should only take a minute).

When the wine has fully evaporated leaving only a nice fresh scent, you can add the hot broth two cups at a time, always stirring until the rice has absorbed it.

No worries if the broth is brownish due to the mushrooms, it is totally normal.

Chop the roasted chestnuts and slice the Brie: you can include it in the rice 5 minutes before the rice is fully cooked (you can tell because there should still be some broth left in the pot).

The chestnuts will soften and the cheese will melt in the remaining broth forming a lush creamy consistency.

When the rice is done, the cheese has melted, take off the stove and add the salted butter in.

Stir well to complete the "mantecare" process, which is the last step.

The risotto is ready to serve!

Velvety and luscious, this will surely cheer you up during our last lockdown weekend.

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Be safe, cook at home and have a great weekend all!