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Romanian pickles recipe

As I came in London I came across to a huge variety of pickled food such as the famous chutney or pickled eggs. I was so excited to try them all, as they were new to me (in Italy and specifically in Tuscany, where I came from, we have a different recipes).

My boyfriend is Romanian and they have a great tradition of pickled vegetables too (they called them "la murat").

They are side for meat dishes and soups during the cold months.

A couple of years ago we started to made them on our own following his mother recipe and since then we always make sure to have some in our pantry in autumn winter. Although we cannot reach the level of perfection of her pickles, it is actually rather easy to make your own delicious pickled vegetables.

As I like them very much I wanted to share the recipe with you so maybe you can try as well. Any fancy equipment or advanced kitchen know-how is needed to make these, just a little patience!


- Some glass jars (or in alternative a plastic bucket will do)

- Your favourite winter veggies (it could be carrots, cauliflower, peppers, cabbage, etc...)

-0.5 kg vinegar (white is better)

-a spoon of salt (it has to be salt without iodine! It is labelled as Kosher salt or pickling salt.


-Mustard seeds

-1 kg of water

-2 spoons of sugar

- Peppercorns

- Bay leaves

-Thoroughly wash the vegetables and chop them into chunks (not too small).

Pat them dry with a towel.

-Fit the vegetables in the container as tightly as possible, with almost no space between them and add the spices: dill, bay leave, mustard seeds and pepper corns.

-Boil the water with the vinegar, the sugar and the salt and let it cool down before pouring it on the vegetables.

-When is at room temperature again you can pour it in the glass jars filled with vegetables

Cover your container with a lid and let sit for a couple of weeks.

It is crucial that the vegetables stay under the liquid for the entire time.

Most Romanians just put a small cloth over the top of the jar and seal it with a rubber band but you can use any kind of covering you wish (including a proper lid).

It is absolutely normal that the colour of the vegetable fade with time and the water will turn pink (especially if you mix white vegetables with orange or purple).

After two weeks you can open one and see how it tastes.


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