6 relaxed ways of styling linen trousers

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Today I am going to show you 6 relaxed ways of styling linen trousers for summer!

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Linen trousers are a must-have to invest in for several reasons:

-they are made out of breathable, natural fabric and therefore better for the environment

-they look incredibly chic and they suit every body shape

-they are super comfy

Linen is are a more sustainable fabric than cotton:

"The method of producing linen fabric from the flax plant uses far less water than it does to produce the same amount of cotton. This makes it a more sustainable choice. Fewer pesticides are used to grow flax than in cotton growing, and linen fibres can be processed without the use of chemicals. Which is only going to be a good thing for the planet." from Linen me

Now, if you don't own a pair of linen trousers, you definitely should.

They are the comfiest and most breathable pair of trousers and they also look effortlessly chic.

I know, admittedly linen trousers get creased almost immediately, but it is in the nature of linen, which is a natural fibre and therefore it is perfectly acceptable.

When I bought my pair of linen trousers, I opted for a classic beige to make the most out of them as this shade will be complementary to what I already have.

I tend to wear mostly neutral colours and my style is evolving towards a more masculine and minimalistic vibe but I still like to play with the few colourful items I have left, so added a cheerful outfit for the bright shades enthusiasts.

The outfits below are all very versatile and I can mix all the pieces in order to easily rotate the looks, which is essential for my lifestyle.

Linen trousers are an absolute must-have to pack for hot country holidays (flights available from the 1st of July are an encouraging sign that summer will not be cancelled hopefully!) while being polished enough for the city, thanks to their the tailored fit but I must admit I prefer the relaxed way of styling them and I don't usually dress them up.

The pair of linen trousers I own are from Pure Collection, available on the website in 3 colours, but they are almost sold out I am afraid (I will add a nice alternative for you below).

I am wearing a size 10, which was pretty fitted at the beginning while now they are more relaxed as linen will naturally loosen up a bit after a few wears.

These are my go-to styling combo:

Cardigan + t-shirt + straw bag + brogue shoes

The best non-seasonal alternative I could find are these beautiful linen trousers by Arket:

Cardigan + t-shirt + sandals + tote bag

Blazer + t-shirt + bucket bag + trainers

Shirt + straw bag + trainers

Cardigan + camera bag + slippers

Long cardigan + tank top + camera bag + sliders

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Which outfit do you prefer? Which one would you wear? Let me know in the comments below!

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