King prawns starter with sauteed winter vegetables and Thai sauce

Ciao, welcome back to my blog, I hope you are enjoying the festivities despite the challenging lockdown situation going on in the UK.

Today I am sharing with you a low calorie yet delicious starter recipe in case you need inspiration for a new year's eve dinner menu: king prawns on a bed of winter vegetables, sauteed kale and Brussel sprouts paired with a mouthwatering Thai sweet chilli sauce.

It is a fusion dish inspired by the exotic flavours of Thai cuisine: king prawns and winter vegetables with a creamy coconut and spicy Thai sauce.

I love traditional Thai street food and especially a good spicy stir fry sauce!

I have been trying several Thai dishes with spicy red sauce in the past and I really appreciate the exotic flavours of their cuisine.

I often enjoy replicating some of my favourite Thai dishes at home as it stimulates my creativity and allows me to variate my diet, which is great!

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This recipe can be either a yummy starter or a tasty second course if you adore seafood like me.

King prawns and Tiger prawns are my go-to seafood as they are incredibly easy to cook and they are packed with lean proteins, which is a healthier alternative to meat.

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If you still have some uncooked Brussel sprouts left from Xmas, that's the perfect way to use them up instead of the classic roast.

It might look like a weird combo but I guarantee you, they work surprisingly well together and it is definitely one of my best recipes influenced by Asian food.

The best part is that if you can't be bothered with using the stove you can actually use the microwave for this.

The procedure couldn't be any easier and quicker than this, so "if you can eat it you can cook it" like my friends "Cime Peperoni" always say (by the way, consider following them on IG if you like traditional Italian food).

Ingredients for 2:

250g king prawns (cleaned and peeled from their skin)

A handful of Brussel sprouts

A bunch of kale leaves

1 clove of garlic

Half vegetable stock (or some vegetable broth)

Half can of coconut milk

Half lemon juice

Half teaspoon of chilli flakes

2 tbsp of sriracha sauce

1 tbsp of paprika powder

1 teaspoon of turmeric powder

Salt (or soy sauce)

In a pan set on high heat, drizzle some olive oil, add all the ingredients together and stir well to make sure that the powders will evenly dissolve into the coconut milk.

Let it simmer for 5-7 minutes (until the prawns will turn their typical coral shade).

Do not cook it for more than 10 minutes because the vegetable will turn sad olive green and the prawns will lose their juiciness.

Enjoy warm with some naan bread if you like and a chilled glass of Prosecco and continue to celebrate the arrival of New Year, hopefully, it will be a better one!

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