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The 7 best products of 2020

Ciao, welcome back to my blog for the first post of 2021!

Today I am going to share with you the best products I have purchased and used the most in 2020, spacing from fashion, beauty, home and sustainability.

It has been a heck of a year but it gave me more time to reconsider my lifestyle and my priorities, which I am grateful for.

This post may contains affiliate links. I can make a small commission if you make a purchase through these links at no extra cost to you. This commission helps me maintain my website.

Mejuri earrings

These beautiful earrings were a gift from the company for Black Friday sale but since they are my favourite jewellery brand I knew I would wear them basically everyday since I got them. Literally the best simple yet luxurious little hoops I could ask for.

I don't like to take off my earrings in the evening and these were comfortable enough for me to sleep with, which is a must for me. I only took them off for my shower as I really want them to last as long as possible, but rather than that, I wore them everyday at home with my sweats, when I was going to work with my smart casual outfits so they would have been a great investment if I would have decided to buy them. Very happy with the quality, the perfect elegant piece of jewellery that elevate my look without standing out too much.

Dr martens 2076 Chelsea boots

I have been eyeing them for years now, this autumn I finally decided to buy them despite the lockdown as my Xmas present to myself.

Let me tell you, they are the most comfortable pair of boots I own (after my UGG, which are not as practical as they can't be worn in the rain).

I was initially extremely scared by the fact that every single friend/colleague who owns them warned me they would give me a hard time to break in and surprisingly, I didn't get a single blister! Maybe because the Chelsea version is not as hard as the classic lace up, who knows?!

The reality is that I have been wearing them non stop this autumn/winter and I am super glad I pushed myself to try them.

They really are among the most stylish shoes and they work wonderfully with all my existing clothes and accessories and I am sure they will serve me well for many years to come.

To prevent them from developing the crease on the top, I just filled them with the paper they came with and treat them with a leather moisturiser when I clean them.

The face theory Regenacalm serum

In my sustainable journey this year, I downsized dramatically the amount of beauty/skin care products that I own but at the same time I decided to try retinol as my skin was starting to look dull and tired.

I wanted to find a good quality vegan product without a plastic packaging and in my researches I found this brand.

The reviews were all positive so I decided to give them a go and I am was right: this is by far the best skin care product of 2020 for me.

The results are immediate and tangible, it is suitable for sensitive skin and it is fragrance free.

I put it on dry skin every other evening, a couple of hours before going to bed before applying my moisturiser and in the morning my skin is clear of breakouts, even and smoother. I noticed great improvements especially in my cleavage area where I have visible sun damage in the forms of dark spots and wrinkles, which are now reduced.

For me, it ticks all the boxes and I will continue to use it in 2021 as well.

I have tried other products from their range and they are all valid and reasonably priced so I highly recommend you to try them.

Intimina Menstrual cup

This summer I decided to stop with disposable tampons and towels so I purchased this menstrual cup to see if it was really so amazing as I heard.

I am not going to lie, I was a bit scared because I am not so confident with my body like I though I would be, but little by little I got used to it and now it has substituted all the other products. If you insert it correctly (it took a few times to practice for me admittedly) you can't feel it at all and there are NO LEAKS, which is absolutely revolutionary.

The sensation of being clean and dry for the whole day (and night!), while also not feeling guilty for using disposable towels is priceless.

Brita jug + Maxtra filters

I used to drink tap water since I came in London in 2016 but my kidneys didn't like it. Instead of getting back to bottled water, I simply bought this carafe to filter the hard tap water.

The taste is massively improved and so my health. I use it to make tea and coffee and also to rinse my hair after the shower and this hugely improved the wellbeing of my hair too.

I am aware that it still implies some plastic but it is less than it would have been with bottled water.

Soak and Float Lush shampoo bar

The best sustainable swap I made this year since I decided to stop buying regular shampoo from the supermarket.

I have tried several bars from different brands this year and this is the winner for me. It foams, which is not impacting the cleanness of your hair but it is a better sensation for me, it smells divine and it lasts longer than the other shampoo bars I have tried. I prefer it to the others also because it is gentle with the scalp, it is not drying and leaves my hair squeaky clean.

Token of Benevolence series - Winterhorn book 1 by Baiculescu Ovidiu Nicolae

The best book of the year for me.

I have been reading much more this year thanks to the lockdowns and this is the one that I enjoyed the most (I managed to finish it in a couple of days despite being rather long!).

I am not a sucker for fantasy novels but this one is outstanding, the plot is so catchy that I just couldn't put it down until the last page and it didn't happen to me in years. I just can't wait for the second book to be released next year!

And there you have it!

I wish you a marvellous 2021, full of amazing surprises and filled with love!