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The best of 2019

Hello guys, happy new year!

I took a break from social media and my blog for the Christmas holidays as I really needed to relax and disconnect but now I am back! I am so excited to see what the new decade will bring!

This post will be about my best of 2019: what I am grateful for and what I have achieved so far.

Best outfits:

Best purchases:

- a bigger wardrobe for my new flat!

-my pre owned teddy coat from Ebay. Definitely my best bargain (only 8 quids) It is so cozy and warm that I ended up wearing it almost everyday, plus I love the colour and it goes with the majority of my clothes.

-Snake boots (Oliver Bonas, sold out) My favourite statement piece of the year. Since I wear a lot of black and neutral they elevate my look and add an element of surprise. They are genuine leather and they are very comfortable.

-Black bucket bag (Oliver Bonas, sold out) My everyday bag: it is just perfect. Good size to contain all my lovely crap but it also super light weight because is it vegan leather. Despite that, it looks smart and elegant!

-Camel jumper (Oliver Bonas, now on sale!) It looks super expensive and I hate to admit, it is very warm even if it is not cashmere. Worn on repeat!

-White trainers (Oliver Bonas, still available). Super cool and super comfy trainers (not one single blister!) Good dupe for the Air and Grace ones.

-Lumispa by Nu Skin: I love it because my skin is very sensitive and this device cleanse it deeply but gently. I got it in November and I am using it every single day since. My skin has never looked better. It is clearer and more glowing so that I need less make up than before!

-Kiehl's skin care product. My skin is very dry, especially in the winter, and I have always struggled to keep it moisturise. I could see massive improvements since day one and I love the fact that they are made by high quality natural ingredients.


Astrid and Miyu rose gold hoops

Missoma rose gold A necklace

Oliver Bonas gold pleated malachite studs

Best pictures:

Me in my best shape of the year after 30 days workout challenge

Sunset on the beach during my holidays in Italy.

Romanian bridge on a lake.

Best recipes:

-One pot squash and mushrooms risotto. Easy but tasty recipe that I have been doing a lot this autumn.

-Stuffed bell peppers soup: One of the most scenographic dishes. It takes a bit more time compared to other recipes but it is definitely worth it.

-One pot seafood guazzetto: my signature dish for every special occasion!It reminds me of home and the sea.

-Spaghetti alla carbonara: hearty dish perfect for a last minute dinner with friends. Pasta is still my favourite comfort food!

Achievements of 2019:

-Starting this blog

-Working out more consistently

-Reading every evening

-Buying second hand

-Selling what I don't need

New years resolutions:

-Keep the good habits from 2019

-Save more money and avoid impulse shopping.

-Take care of the amazing people of my life and find the time to call my family and friends in Italy more often.

-Drink more water as I often forget to do it while I am at work.

-Find the time to relax and be less stressed out.

-Improve my make up skills.

-Be more sustainable and reduce plastic consumption.

-Reduce meat and dairy intake.

Thank you for reading my blog and let me know what would you like to do this year and if you have any resolution!

Have a lovely week! Next post: Friday

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