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The joy of staying in

Hello everybody!

How was you weekend? Let me guess: too short, as per usual.

The weather was awful again this week...another lovely storm coming to mess up our plans. Well, for me it was the perfect excuse to chill out at home and doing absolutely anything. Speaking of which, I usually spend my lazy weekend of self pampering in my PJs so I thought it would be nice to do a post about loungewear and nightwear in general.

I really feel the need to wear a super cozy attire to recharge after the work week. I actually care more about my PJs and loungewear more than the rest of my wardrobe and I have items that I use only to clean and to cook and others than I wear only when I relax. I am constantly cold in London so I really want to invest in warm and soft items to stay in. Fluffy anything is my rule for the winter.

My essentials:

-4 pair of normal leggings (suitable for working out as well which is a bonus)

-2 thermal leggings

-4 pair of thermal socks

-4 pair of calf socks

-1 pair of long socks (knee length)

-2 sweatshirts

-3 hoodies

-1 super fluffy pyjama

-3 basic t-shirts

-2 sets of matching vest + shorts pyjamas

-2 short spaghetti strap nightdresses

-1 fluffy robe

-a pair of slippers

-a pair of sheepskin boots (like UGG)

If I know I need to nip out for some groceries or the post office I will have a couple of sweats sets to look decent but still having the comfort of a PJ. It is so convenient for me that now athleisure is so strong in fashion! A cool coat on, black sunnies on, sneakers, some jewellery to dress it up and it's done. Hailey Bieber nailed it and I am going to copy her!

Here I have got plenty of options for your staying in weekend:

-Chill out-wear

I love sets: I can't be bothered to look for the other perfect matching item to pair it with, I am too lazy for that.

This one by Uniqlo is super cute and it is perfect also for those who despise the matchy-matchy look as the top is always a different colour from the bottom! There are many colour combo available but this is my favourite. Very stretchy, it washes really well and it is very simple so you can also mix it with the rest of your stuff without problems.

I found this "sweatunic" recently and I fell in love immediately. The practicality of it is amazing: you could wear it as a dress at home with a pair of long socks or leggings but it could also works wonders with jeans or leather trousers. Such a great piece!

I am in a yellow moment lately, like everybody else in London. I can see it everywhere and it starts to intrigue me even if I know it doesn't suit me. The best way is to wear it far away from my face: a pair of comfy joggers is the solution!

Fleece is a trendy fabric this year: I personally wouldn't wear it to go out ( unless I l'd live on a mountain...)but I adore the warmth of it. This one from Urban Outfitters remembers me of the skii look from the 90ies.

Leggings: no need to comment. They are super comfy yet they look feminine because they are flattering and highlight your curves. You could wear them in the gym or at home and always feel cozy but put together. Winning choice!

Winner for the best value for money option is for sure Decathlon: only 3,99 quids!!!! I have one in every single colour and they are very comfortable. They last ages (my first one is from 2008) and they wash well. Pile them up, you won't regret it.

If you prefer something a little bit less sporty-looking, knitwear is the solution.

It keeps you warm and it looks super chic. Trouble is, it lasts longer if you hand wash it. Somehow, just this tiny detail takes the initial enthusiasm away from me. Not for everyday, I would say, at least not while cooking since the stains are going to be very difficult to remove on cashmere (if it happens though, use baby wipes immediately...they work miracles!). Just opt for it if you have guests and you want to look more presentable than normal.

What if you don't plan to have guests and you just don't want to leave bed the whole day?

Sounds divine! I am literally obsessed with pyjamas. Satin, silk, cotton....it doesn't matter.

These lovely ones below combine the classic shape with a cute print to feel special even under the duvet.

A bit nippy when you leave the bed to have a cuppa? Just put on a fluffy robe. It is the warm hug you need.

I adore Primak's fluffy pyjama sets. They are so incredibly soft and warm that I am tempted to leave the house with these in the chilly mornings. The set is so cute that it would be perfect for a gift too.

When the temperatures drop there is always the fluffy onesie. I don't like it for one only reason: when nature calls, I would hate unzipping the whole thing just for a quick wee wee.


For the minimalistic, just a clean cut modal nightdress.

Natural fibres and romantic vibes for this Zara home nightdress:

Classic, masculine shirt-looking nightdress:

Vintage looking and luxury fabrics:

For a real treat, invest in a beautiful silk set. Your skin will thank you!

When love is in the air, a sexy option in the drawer is a must have to show off:

Accessories are what makes an outfit stand out and they are crucial to complete the comfort when at home. A good pair of slippers and some cute socks are as important as the clothing part. When my feet are freezing, all my body is cold and I can't relax...better keep them toasty!

I tend to tie my hair up when I am relaxing at home but it can damage them, especially if you like to opt for a tight bun, so maybe use something a bit more gentle than a normal band such as silk or velvet scrunchies. It is essential to keep you hair healthy without give up on comfort.

Thank you for reading my post, I hope you enjoyed it!

Next food posts on Friday!

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