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Zara haul: trends 2020

Hello folks, I hope you have a marvellous weekend!

Today's post will be about new years' trends: what is brand new, what we brought from last year and what I think is wearable and practical for everyday life.

I basically was surfing the net looking for inspo and I found out that the best way to nail the trends coming up for next season is just browsing Zara's new collection!

They literally have them all and styled to perfection, which is very helpful as it avoids the classic big question: "Oh, I really like it but how I am going to wear it?" .

That's way I have been using the images for the e-commerce: they embody exactly what's going to be hot!

-Puff sleeves:

I love this trend from last year, it is very feminine and it works wonders to elevate your look, especially if you, like me, have a minimalistic wardrobe. mainly made up of neutral colours and timeless pieces. It will blend perfectly with what you have already. The volume on the shoulders is great to distract from other part of the body your are not so proud of.

-Shirts and blouses:

Being a must have in the wardrobe this is not a real trend but it give us plenty of options to play with: leather shirts, crazy pattern, weird shapes and cuts are allowed as well as the classic oversized oxford shirt (that I always steal from my boyfriend anyway). They are a nice alternative to a boring top when going out and they are also work appropriate, so no doubt you are going to get a lot of wear out of them.

-Leather everything:

Again this has been very strong LY and it will continue to be the same in 2020 (at least until the end of the winter I guess). There are no rules here so forget about the classic moto jacket (no way, I will keep it in my wardrobe forever!!!!): midi skirts, sartorial trousers, shirts and dresses both in black and in bright colours are mixed together to obtain a sleek total look. Not the easiest trend for me I would say: I kind of like the vibe but this time I will be very boring and I will stick to a pair of trousers and maybe invest in a good blazer to jazz up my casual every day look.


the 3 most popular cuts this year are:

1) The slip dress, straight from the 90ies (think about Kim Basigerin in "Nine 1/2" ). It is super sexy as it remembers about lingerie and bedtime activities, it is great as it is for a dinner date paired with a blazer and sandals or with an oversized jumper on and trainers for everyday.

2)The smock dress: from the 70's vibes, it has a boho kind of shape which is amazing if you have great legs to show but a bit of tummy to hide. They are comfortable yet romantic and if you prefer a more fitted look all you need to do is to use a belt to cinch in the waist. They are great for winter with a pair of boots and tights but they will be amazing for summer as they will allow you a bit more ventilation than a more fitted dress-.

3) The buffet dress: the most comfortable one, it is very stylish with a blazer and pointy pumps, but it also suits a more grunge look with big lace boots and jumpers. Now available in thousands of prints and different fabrics, it is versatile both for work and for the weekend. Great choice for a holiday look in the summer!

-Chunky soles:

From last year Dad trainers to the updated boots this year. Personally, I found them not flattering at all because they make the feet super big but I can see literally everyone wearing them with absolutely everything ( suits, dresses etc...) lately so the trend is very strong at the moment.

-Ruches and ruffles:

Romantic vibes on the way! Elegant and ladylike for the blouses, both with jeans and tailored trousers, it looks innocently sexy for dresses and skirts. I found myself gravitating towards it more and more...

-Pastels will be back for spring.

No more burgundies and camels, soft and muted hues will be the leading shades from now on. They look super cool paired with strong fabrics such as leather and denim for a contrast that makes the outfit immediately stand out.

They might be tricky colour for many people as they tend to wash out but mixed with neutrals they could work.

In alternative, a good tip is to opt only for accessories that are far away from your face, like belts and bags. This year I am obsessed by mellow yellow which I believe is the most flattering colour on my complexion.

-Polka dots:

I believe the polka dots white dress that was a Zara best seller last summer ignited this trend which will be the main print for 2020 instead of the animal pattern that was predominant LY. It is already everywhere! I will embrace it with joy as I have always liked it (it remembers me of Vivian from Pretty woman).

-Knitted bra:

I still don't know how I feel about it ....I think this is going to be a very short life trend. It became viral after a picture of Katie Holmes wearing a matching set which looks gorgeous on her, but I honestly don't know if it would work for me at all. I can't see any practicality in it. The most wearable way is a knitted vest but still, I can't see myself in it so I will skip this one, thank you very much!

-Strategic cuts:

To spicy things up a little bit, let's just cut some fabric here and there! That was a huge trend even when I was a teen, (I feel old now...) and I used own some many one shoulder tops...

If wearing just one sleeve is not your cup of tea, get out of your comfort zone with something more grown up such as a shirt or a dress that shows a bit of skin in unexpected places.

-The new suit:

The days of the classic,stiff pinstripe suit with the hips length, fitted blazer and the pencil skirt or the straight leg trousers are finally over. Yayyy!

The new version is extremely fresh as the cuts are much more relaxed and interesting. I absolutely love it and I am so jealous I am not working in a office environment right now! The range to choose from is almost endless and they can be mixed together to achieve a more modern look: short skirts, cropped trousers, boyfriend blazers, bright colours and so on...

-Floral prints:

Big classic for spring, this year it is not the usual ditsy print though...it has to be vintage inspired and bold!

-Cardigan worn as a top:

Meaning: without anything under.

Sexy with a deep V neck that shows a lace bra or super chic in the lady like crew neck version, it is a better and refined way of the classic fitted and granny looking style of the past years. Better if boxy, it could be masculine looking when oversized and long or elegant and feminine when cropped.

-Soft leather clutches:

Nice dupes for the Bottega Veneta iconic bag, they are the perfect piece to elevate your every day look with jeans + top or they can be paired with a dress for a night out. I am a fan of more practical bags but I must admit I adore this shape and the luxurious feel of the leather so I am thinking of investing in a good one.

What of these trends will fly your boat this year? Do you have anything already?

Let me know!

Next post on Friday!

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