Valentine's day staying in/going out outfit ideas

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Today I am going to show you some Valentine's day staying in/going out outfit ideas to make it special this year!

I have never celebrated Valentine's day properly until I met my current boyfriend.

We won't do anything big, just a nice dinner and maybe a small gift, mainly to celebrate the 17th, when we will hit two years of living together.

If you like me are planning to go out on that day, you might panic a little bit about the outfit. I am about to say something unpopular here, but I don't care.

When I go on a date night out with him, I always like to wear something cute that I know he would like too, just to please him. I know he doesn't care if I am wearing a sweatshirt or a mini skirt, but it is important for me that he will keep thinking that I am a catch and that I have put an extra effort.

So I started to look around for an appropriate look for our fancy dinner. I tried on some options but I am still torn on what to wear and if to wear heels.

Here I listed some cute outfits for a date or just to stay in with your loved one.

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Lovely dress:

Cute hair clips:

-Not on the high street heart clip

Romantic jewellery:

- Return to Tiffany gold studs from Tiffany

- Band of hearts ring from Pandora

Staying in:

A lovely pyjama set from H&M, perfect for Netflix and chocolates.

Dress up your legs too:

Intimissimi has been my favourite underwear brands since forever. The quality is unbeatable, the fit is the most flattering, everything I bought so far (and it is a lot), from camisoles, bras, knickers, tops and so on wash very well and they are meant to last. It is not cheap but definitely worth the price. I have this bra in several shades and I adore it: it combines sex appeal with comfort as it is not wired. It looks and feels incredible on, try it!

It is always a good idea to chill at home, even better with a yummy takeaway dinner, candles, a bottle of Prosecco and the right outfit. You can treat each other with a hot bath followed by a massage.

Ann Summers is another choice to spicy things up a bit... when it comes to seduction, she knows how to!

Would you like more staying in outfit options?

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Going out, casual dinner:

If it's cold, the answer is faux leather leggings. They are super cosy and warm but they are showing off your curves and you'll look sexy even with either a jumper or the classic combo blouse + blazer.

I recently bought my leggings in New Look for less than 20£ and they feel very good quality. To keep it romantic I would wear a red accessory such as my red coat.

Another alternative is a mini dress that will show off your best features.

This little navy dress from New Look is a key piece to have in your wardrobe: it can be dressed down with a pair of lace-up boots and a cardigan or dressed up with a pair of heels and a smart coat.

Going out, fancy dinner:

For a fancy dinner, I would opt for a smart midi dress or a pair of wide-leg trousers and a sheer blouse for a ladylike and chic look.

New Look is as per usual another great place if you are on a budget but you want to look at your best. This burgundy dress will make you feel confident and elegant and it doesn't cost the earth. Throw a boyfriend blazer on it and add a pair of heels or a pointy ballet pump and you are good to go!

This is also a smart choice if you'll have weddings to attend in the spring!


Less is more: men don't usually like when we go heavy with our makeup, however, if you want to be creative maybe just choose to highlight only one feature of your face: either statement eyes or lips.

I think I would opt for a sleek cat-eye but I will be bold with my lips.

I prefer to be adventurous with my lipstick and I will probably pick a bright red, but all shades of pink and nude are appropriate.

Same for nails! I personally am a fan of the matchy-matchy style so I would paint them in a ruby shade. I usually shop for makeup online at as the range of brands is endless and they offer free delivery even when spending only a few pounds.

And there you have it: I hope you enjoyed my post and maybe I helped you find some inspiration for next week!

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