Spicy okra and rice vegan bowl

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Today I am going to show how I make a delicious vegan meal using Okra.

It one of the amazing vegetables that I discovered after moving to London from Italy, where is not something you can find in supermarkets.

I first tasted it when living in Balham with a Nigerian flatmate and since then I decided to include it in my diet permanently.

"Okra is a funny little green vegetable with a funny little name. A small, pear-shaped green veggie with a mild taste, okra resembles a pepper and has been cultivated as a food source for hundreds of years.

Today, it is used in a variety of dishes around the world.

It can also be chopped into stir-fries or roasted in the oven for a crispier dish. More and more people are now getting creative with okra as its versatility and the nutritional spectrum becomes better known.

While okra might be easy to overlook in the produce section, don’t overlook it in your health and weight-loss regimen. Okra packs impressive amounts of nutrients into its little pods." from 2o health benefits of Okra that are constantly overlooked.

Disclaimer: I am not vegan or vegetarian.

I like meat and fish too much to cut them from my diet and I also think they are an essential part of our nutrition, but I definitely want to reduce the amount of it weekly.

Let's say I am a part-time vegan/vegetarian.

The main reasons are: -Eating too much animal protein is not healthy in the long run -To have less impact on the environment, which is crucial to help our planet.

-To save money.

I am trying to have several more vegan meals during the week.

I discovered that it’s not a sacrifice at all and it improved my creativity in the kitchen.

Why don’t you try as well? This is the right recipe to start with! It's easy and filling and as per usual, if you double the quantities, it's a very nice and convenient lunch for the next day at work.


-250g fresh okra -A shallot -One yellow bell peppers -One red long peppers -Tomato passata sauce -One yellow courgette

-200g jasmine rice (or basmati if you prefer) -Half teaspoon of mild curry powder -a pinch of chilli flakes -a pinch of salt -2 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil -a small bunch of thinly chopped fresh parsley

-Put the kettle on to boil the water for the rice.

-Chop the shallot and the vegetables but not the okra as they will become a bit slimy if cut.

-Pour two generous spoons of olive oil in a large pan with the chilli and let it warm up for a minute before adding the rest.

-Toss the veggies and let it cook for 8-10 minutes with the lid on stirring now and then until half cooked.

-In the meantime you can cook the rice and when it is ready rinse it and put it aside.

-Before the veggies are ready and soft, add the tomato sauce.

-Season with salt and curry powder and let it look for 5 more minutes to mix well all the flavours and let the spices release their aroma.

-Put some rice in a bowl and add the veggies on top and sprinkle with some chopped parsley.

A super healthy and tasty vegan meal which, is saving you money and extra calories!

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